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    I have just come across this web site, and think it is very interesting and useful. I notice the two types of forum posters are those who talk about wanting to live off the grid, and those that are living off the grid. Either way, this site does a nice job of letting people ask or answer questions.

    I have been off the grid in NW Florida since 2003, and have recently bought a second home in Murphy, NC that is also off the grid. So, I would like to offer myself as one who could answer some questions about off the grid living.

    For a background – I am an airline pilot, and also just retired from the US Air Force Reserves. Our houses, Lo_Tide and Hi^Tide, have all the modern conveniences ,including air conditioning,(sorry, no dishwashers) and are 100% off the grid. Lo_Tide depends on solar and a vegetable oil fueled diesel generator. Hi^Tide relies on a Harris Pelton micro hydro-turbine.

    I have a blog called SOLAR LIVING IN FLORIDA where I write about living off the grid at Lo_Tide. Each entry discusses some aspect of the systems that let us live off the grid. You can find the blog and pictures at

    I welcome any questions or discussion. For the record, I am not off the grid because I think I’m saving the earth. I just love the locations where the houses were built, and did not see the lack of utilities as being a problem.


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