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    I want to go off the grid for a multitude of reasons. first and foremost because society has slammed evolution into reverse. I can build and maintain all of the systems needed to do this and still have the comfort of technology. if you adhere to any organized religion please stop reading this now and shoot yourself in the face. I have been researching everything I did not understand for years now. and I’ve come to the conclusion that we will never have all the answers. but it is good to keep learning. I have absolutely no tolerance for anybody that does not take responsibility for their own actions. I do believe in some sort of a creator but I do not worship it I do not believe in a personal God to me that is nothing more than placating to one’s ego. I will be shocked if anybody response to this. as it seems no one can see the big picture. lot of people think they have it all figured out. we will never have it figured out. I am an extreme survivalist that can survive through anything. I can fabricate things out of trash. looking to move into middle of nowhere to live at peace with nature. and leave the cesspool of confused humanity behind I am married and have my father who is also an extreme survivalists interested. as usual the problem boils down to money all I have is 10,000 so maybe looking for somebody that already has land that sees through the façade of the perceptual reality that is spoon fed to the masses. and has not lost all faith in humanity as I type this I am on the precipice of giving up on all of them and moving into the middle of the woods with just my family. please do not respond to this if you have not experienced pain or suffering in your life. if you do not understand the difference between love or lust. if you think there is any hope in politics . are associated in any way with any militia. are stupid enough to think you would have a chance fighting the powers that be. do not understand the importance of duality. is a drama queen or a psychic vampire if you do not know what this is look it up. I probably sound like a miserable person quite the contrary I just need to cut the cord and put some distance in between the things that make me miserable . I have an excellent sense of humor and am impossible to offend very down to earth. very loyal. have no problem with hard work as long as it’s accomplishing something meaningful in life. willing to go anywhere in the world at the drop of a hat as long as there are trees lots of trees. year-round stream would be perfect for hydroelectric. but it is not necessary systems I know how to build fix and maintain…. all solar / hydraulics/ agriculture/ aquaponics/ hydroponics/ hydroelectric/ organic chemistry/ rocket stoves/ geothermal/ wood chip fermentation heating and gasification/ basic medical setting bones and stitches/ all forms of mechanics/ / hunt fish and trap/ basic tactical defense skills/ AC and DC electric/ LED lighting systems/ computer is wireless Internet/ am not interested in setting any examples. I wasted a lot of my life trying to wake people up it got me nowhere. the few people that did wake up will argue and say I woke them up. but this is simply not the case. they had the predisposition to be awake and see through the matrix. it’s just the way it is some people care and some people do not. most people refuse to see the truth because then they will have to confront the truth about themselves. I’m assuming that anybody that understands what I’m talking about is not going to have much money because like me they never really cared about it. so maybe a couple of us can pool together and make a utopia predicated on unmitigated freedom and respect for our lives and this Earth. i him hoping that when the shit hits the fan. people that have exemplified the capability. to fall into the classifications of something other than a parasite. will be left alone during the depopulation process. this process is inevitable and extremely necessary. the fate of all living things on this planet depends upon it. so I guess this is the plan find a place to go and make it 100% self sustainable it’s actually really easy we can live like gods

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