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    I work for a company that builds LED lights for residential and commercial applications. I’m hoping to open a discussion on LED lights to better learn what is desired as well as to discuss with you the different types of products on the market and what you should study before choosing LED lights.

    I look forward to learning as well as educating as much as possible.

    A quick bit on us.

    We are a Lafayette, LA based LED company. We have been in business for six years and to market for one. We build 40% of our lamps in houston, 40% in Taiwan and 20% in China. We hope to be completely out of China by the end of the 1st quarter.

    Our focus and our expertise is building power supplies, transformers and optics. We utilize Cree, Edison and Epistar LED Dyes.

    We are also actively looking for dealers and growing our network across the country.

    Currently we have the only dimmable lamps that are 100% dimmable by “ALL” dimmers be they inexpensive analog or true control systems.

    Sorry for the long winded nature of that.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Daniel Henderson

    VP of Regional Sales

    LA LED


    I do not see prices for the GL series 10 grow lights. Your biggest grow light is said to be equivalent to a 200 W grow light. What is the power draw? I would need this information to calculated the necessary power source for a bank of these that are equivalent to the regular 1000 watt bulbs typically used in Green houses. Lower mainland BC is just full of green houses using expensive power hogging metal halide grow lights.

    Iron Edison

    I have dimmable LED lights in my kitchen (under the cabinets). They are great, and look sharp.

    Are you working with anyone in CO? There are a lot of growers out here who may be interested in putting LED lights in – bet you can save some good money.

    Send me some info if you have it. Thanks!


    Lots of growers in BC als intereested. the heat of conventional lamps os a dead giveaway to IR scanner on the helicopters. And noisy generators also a problem. Stealth technology with low heat emissions and low power demands are easier to hide


    Hello Iron,

    I have a L-1301 LED rechargeable portable worklight. Its Mainly used for power backup for more than 4 hours and backlight purposes.


    That’s useless in a green house. wrong spectrum. LALeds, what is needed is greal gro lights for large scale production. <smile>


    Nice info about LED lights, keep them coming!!..

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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