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    I Have a website and we have a led lighting blog @ which I think will be very helpful to you all! Any questions you have or if you want to order any LEDs that aren’t listed just use our contact form!


    Okay so which one of your models do you recommend for winter time green houses?


    Earlier in mid last year they unveiled in the Japanese market another industry first, the remote controlled Color Function, enabling the shade of the white light from the lamp to be altered from a pleasant warm white (similar to that of the incandescent lamp) to a cooler daylight white (akin to bright daylight).With this wireless accessory the user can select the preferred shade of white in accordance with the weather, season of the year, or time of day. For best effect one can select warm white during the winter or at dinner time helping relaxation, or cooler daylight white during the summer or in the morning for a refreshing mood. Also featured is a built-in Dimmer Function, enabling users to enjoy a range of wide illumination settings, (110 to be exact). Notably all these fixtures would function even without the remote is your friendly advisor on all matters on energy conservation, renewable resources and how to harness them for financial benefits

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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