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    Just read this John. I will be checking back to see if you find the land you are looking for.

    I am wanting to find community that is committed to long term “off grid” living. I want to live on the land with fellow like minded people, being self sufficient, caring for the land, one another, growing our own food, and so on.

    West VA appeals to me. I certainly can work. I do come with two dogs that are Absolute in my life. Dogs okay with you?

    How about cats? I’ll check back on posts.



    Sounds good, dogs and cats are fine with me, i have two dogs as well. I’m heading east from socal in a couple of weeks to check out land in WV. Ill keep you posted. Where are you located?


    Hi. Where in West Va do you plan on looking in to? I’m new to the idea of off grid living but would be very interested in possibly helping you get the ball rolling. I live in Morgantown and know a few friends that may want to help with a start up.


    Slimjim, I’m not sure. I have seen some good properties around your neck of the woods. I’m very interested in the mountain areas, but it’s not a deal breaker. Like i mentioned before the timber is my sticking point, gotta have it. I’m open to suggestions. Keep your eyes peeled and if something comes up we can meet up when i head out and go land hunting’. Let’s keep talking. What is your skill set.


    Hello All

    I tried posting to landbuddys but it wouldn’t go through, so here i am.

    I’m going to purchase land in the next month or so t start my new adventure. I’m looking for a couple of people to either invest with me or just provide the necessary elbow grease to start a homestead from scratch.

    I plan on getting at least 30 acres of heavily timbered hunting land for the building materials and the food source. I will purchase a small saw mill immediately and start harvesting lumber.

    I will grow fresh vegetables, bee keep, have some chickens and maybe eventually buy a cow.

    Im on the west coast now and will be taking a road trip east in a couple of weeks. I’m not dead set on West Virginia but from what i’ve gathered it has the type and cost of land i’m looking for.

    I’m doing this for sure, so if it sounds good to anyone or if you are interested with maybe a few small tweaks let me know

    Thanks John


    Hello John.Make sure you have the right location as well as the right people. Much of that land doesn’t sell mineral rights and people can come in later and drill or dig etc etc for coal or natural gas.

    I looked all over WV myself and only found along the eastern border and around the middle to be a safe place for foreigners which if your not born there your a foreigner.

    There are some good people and well just take your time.

    Your welcome to stop by here along your way. I am further north in Pa but i am surrounded by amish neighbors who are good safe neighbors.

    See my site to see what i have.

    I do know a good woman in SE Kentucky who is a cherokee and owns 80 acres and a few homes she is selling and is looking for non pot growing people to join her.

    good luck be safe..

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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