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    Nick Rosen

    ///////Please help us trial LANDBUDDY – is it hard to use?//////////////

    Try it and let us know – it is a service to bring together people who want to live off grid with people who already do

    LandBuddy allows you to CONNECT with others looking to go off-grid in your area – BUY land together,FORM a community or a buying club for goods such as solar panels etc.

    Please help us Beta-test this new service – there are some glitches and your advice and input would be really appreciated:

    *First,fill in the form,at choose a location and tell us about yourself

    *MARK the place on the map where you want to go off-grid, or where your land is.

    *BROWSE the places that others have pinpointed on the map. Contact them if you want, by leaving a comment on their post

    *As people around the world register on LandBuddy the map will fill up and you will find others in your chosen area with whom you can make plans, share land and pool skills and resources.

    *Please spread the word that LandBuddy service exists.

    Any news? E-mail or call toll-free 877 706 7423 in the US and +44 7971 543703 in the UK


    how long does it normally take for the landbuddy post/s to be approved?

    will we recieve denial / reason on why it was rejected?

    tnx off grid :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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