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    I’m not that far away from you being in SW Missouri. That’s an interesting offer!

    I’m brand new, first post, testing my login (lol) but I have read a few comments on the Landbuddies side and it seems there are several opportunities available for like minded folks. I’m wondering how this works out usually?

    I’d be interested in swinging by to help out. I have a place that I need help with as well at the lake and I see potential of others perhaps helping others and then sharing a place to camp-in or visit. Seems like it would be like a big family and an opportunity for those wholike to travel have a series of bases they could go to as needed. Just a thought….


    We are seeking serious off-gridders who don’t have land but are seeking a community to dig into…..we have the land…we have several veterans who bring needed skills but could use some serious pioneering types who are willing to help build a mountain community just a few miles from the Tennessee border in the Blue Ridge Mountains…elevation about 2900 feet and off the beaten track.

    Are building a concrete shelter now…have a MASH-style kitchen and a base camp. Will be move into shape within the next month or so…fairly large with kitchen area…

    Need homesteading skills like solar, chickens, goats, gardening, canning, butchering, foraging, herbal medicine, fishing, micro-hydropower, sprouting, rv boondocking, composting, composting toilets,…. what else?? Do you have gear, supplies, food?? Skills??

    Have 4 there full-time now and two part-time…including a nurse.

    Absolute beautiful area…The New River and tributaries close by. There is very little time to find your place…your sanctuary. We demand no addicts of any kind…drunks not tolerated even for a second nor is drama tolerated. Otherwise…we are easy to get along with…are you??

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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