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    Hello All,

    Im new to this group and very excited to have found you guys. I am a retiree from the united states air force and am looking forward to finally being able to march to the beat of my own drum…or so I hope to.

    Well here is my concern…. I have just found out that in Colorado, they seem to think that they own all water. that is to include water that hasnt even come from the clouds yet. there are supposedly laws against greywater usage and water catchment systems. Im wondering if anyone can confirm this? or is this just a rumor?

    Its kind of hard to imagine that this kind of authoritative control can be wielded over such a basic resource such as water that isnt from a water plant. (sorta like charging someone to breathe air).

    If this is in fact true, does anyone know of other states that also have this ridiculous type of control that would infringe on off grid plans?


    Nick Rosen

    Hi Billyjac.. I’m a retired air force brat..been working the off grid theme for years now..self contained system using refurbished travel your question the water fascists are growing in number daily.. it’s the corporate government taking over all aspects of our lives..subverting our freedoms and rights for totalitarian controls.. sounds crazy I know but decades of watching and studying the new world order business has shown me that the face we see in Ottawa for me and Washinton for you is not the face of your governemnt..its the government of the elites and ultra rich, some royals.. maybe all the royals..corporate has bought all the politicians save a few hold outs.. this is the 4 th Reich replacing the 3rd, we thought we beat last great war and was assimilated by Washington for American use and now runs the country behind closed corporate doors.. media is the regime. one party two heads for you multi parties multi heads here, Harper is working at gutting this country and enabling the corporate regime to grab power over all resources and implement a draconian oppressive corporate dictatorship.. and yes..our Iggy is the quasi democratic puppet parachuted into our parliament for obvious theatrical reasons..Bush republicans financed and trained Harper’s Neocons while Democrats invested in our Liberal’s all a sham, started with Free trade, will end with horrific abuses of power. These old money families are small in number but gigantic in their ability to reshape our social paradigm.

    Mexico has a terrible battle against these water fascists or corporate pirates supported by the three governments in question.

    We are still under attack from within. Both or all 3 countries of the next phase of this criminal power grab..North American Union the second last move before the Global government, currency shift and then cashless chipped is so arrogantly flaunted in our faces all the while disinformation and ridicule some of the many tools of the corporate crime syndicate..multinationals with more rights than human beings..from the very beginnings of our two countries the elites have screwed their way into our lives and ran scam after scam creating illusions of freedom and democracy for centuries while the truth of the matter is America is pumping cash to Britain a dollah scam.. the Fed..our Bank of Canada.. both shams..Banks are robbing us, corporations are robbing us..politicians pad their own wallets.. cost 70 bucks to produce a gallon of gas.. selling for what 5 bucks.. I haven’t owned a vehicle in 10 years so not familiar with actual pump numbers.. thing is.. how at 70 buck to produce are they making money ? Not.. just wallowing the cash flow and squandering our resources on a global cabal scale..and who set them up..our governments respectively.

    We are owned like chattel according to the legal areas.. law of land and maritime laws used to ensnare and enslave free human beings..cradle to grave horse shit. Mind controls. Social engineering to benefit the few by creating idiots living a delusional life.

    Amero or what ever the currency is ..will break middle classes deplete savings..then global currency will finish them off more lost savings through 20 cent differential on the “dollar” call it what they will.. each move as clearly thought out and implemented as a game a deadly chess against us, the people by our own governments.

    600+ 1 and 2 million man prisons holds us everyone from Mexico to Inuvik NWT..with room for a couple South American countries dissenters too :) Billions of plastic coffins 6 corpses to a box.. mass grave aint over till the fat lady sings.

    One country after another falls to machination of Wall Street and global financial power players with a dark agenda. My dad was senior NCO for snag and recovery at CFB Cold Lake Alberta during late 59 to 65..he was no dummy nor am I ..he told me Billy (my name also :) ) if you knew what I know it would scare the hell out of you.. he never told me what he knew..guess he hoped I’d find out myself and have long ago..our Mulroney is a crook and traitor too hiding in Washington.. serving his American masters..its an old old game they play but now we are seeing through the ruses they put up..

    I hope it isn’t too late to stop this power grab and create their police state.

    Our troops die for this corporate pirate government and the resources they steal right now from Iraq, Afghanistan, every failed state has this regimes finger prints on it.. follow the money.. the produce from South Africa..the oil in our Arctic.. every square inch of the planet is being pillaged and we tax payers pay the bills and obediently march to their one world under Disney world corporate fascist regime, has big player buying Presidency for centuries, all related, putting despots in power here and other places.

    Corporate armies growing..rights disappearing. Nations erased for their greedy power mad agenda.These are lunatics or worse.

    Thats the real world. Hope I didn’t ruin your day. Our battles haven’t even started yet,..battle ground North American coming on line around 2012. Already dissenters are scapegoated and imprisoned.. disappear.. propaganda mills crank out the rhetoric.

    Free trade was the lynch pin that got them their power over Nations and all else contained with in them..even water.. they will o doubt charge for air or exhaled CO2 soon :)imprisoned for farting right :) anti methane laws..

    peak oil.. one big crunching corporate shark’s bite and we done. Population reduction..endless mad hatter schemes.

    Depression. Social collapse, all their tools and trade marks. I am very thankful not to be 25 at this time in our history of one stupid move after another.. toxic planet..toxic social order.

    Getting off grid may save a few of us..while rest devour each other i the whirl wind of self destructive insanity.

    Happy retirement bud :) you may not be done yet like it or not.:) good luck. Will


    I think you just about summed it all up there Golddigger. The mainstream types will think you are a lunatic. But to me you’ve spoken the truth; a truth that is buried under the happy entertainment we all become addicted to under the Grand Illusion.

    Taking control of the water…what can I say. It’s too tragic for words. I think we have to reverse what the elites are attempting – stick together and use solidarity instead of every-man-for-himself; use the common sense God gave us to exercise our choices instead of rule books designed to turn each one of us into obedient, fear-driven morons; replace fear with love; risk being who we are instead of who ‘they’ want us to be; and when you’re thirsty or want a bath…just go draw your water and to hell with what they say. Otherwise, we simply allow profit-hungry idiots to rule us.

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