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    Hello Friends! Im currently in the preperation stages to moving from the beach cities of California to

    the remote forest areas of Oregon. Everyday the urge to live this life style grows in our hearts, but unfortunately

    our wallets are at a stand still. Even though we (my parter and I) were pleasantly surprised on how affordable

    going off can be, we still must save and penny pinch to make this happen, and happen soon. If you

    have any helpful hints that worked for you, i would really love to her them.

    Our hearts are set on the southern region in the forest area of Klamath, Oregon. There is gorgeous open spaces

    and trees that reach to the sky. The land is neighbored by two national forests and has streams

    and rivers dancing all the way through it.

    We are very open to sharing our journey with like minded individuals, in fact, we welcome it. We are

    both females in our late 20’s, college educated and eager to make the move. We are laid back in

    personality, can hold great conversations and have genuine hearts. Love for animals is a passion harbored

    from both of us from a young age, and plan on bringing a few horses, a small pack of dogs, and a few chickens to raise

    as well. Were looking for someone adventurous (that goes with out saying), hard working, someone

    who can pull their own weight around. Please be dependable and reliable, age is irrelevant and we don’t believe in

    race. Gender is of little importance as well, just be of good character, humor and intention and

    we will get along beautifully. The initial cost of land and supplies would be shared between us all, along with the incredible memories and total freedom.

    Our extensive research has taught us a lot, but hearing true experiences is valued information that we

    both would appreciate hearing. We would love for you to share any stories, advice, or just a friendly hello

    from a fellow off girder.

    Best Regards to everyone

    Happy Living


    There is so much to say, and not knowing what you already know, it’s difficult to offer what you may consider valuable. I have compiled my off grid experiences in a new ebook called The Truth About Simple Unhooked Living. The more I read off grid/new pioneer forums, the happier I am that I put all the effort into writing it, as it contains lots of specific info on how I did things. Also, and very importantly, laws that complicate the simple life. I hope you take a look and I would be happy to answer questions. You can contact me at Same goes for anybody else who may be thinking of pioneering, particularly in the Inland Northwest (Northeastern WA, North ID)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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