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    Many people have expressed a wish to form off-grid communities and a few have even mentioned having children or even teen-agers.

    One thing I have never seen is any mention of schooling. Several of my friends have done home schooling. In every case it either relied on the postal system (a kind of grid) or real time computer internet access (another form of grid). It’s a bit like toilet paper; you never think about it until it’s not available. Talk about being dependent on something from the greater society and the dreaded grid.

    It requires a special talent to home school your kids once you are past the basic three R’s. Most of my friends who home school end up sending their teenagers to a public school for one or two years simply to acclimate them to dealing with other people (mostly strangers) coming from different backgrounds and who may not share their perspective.

    Kids can be cruel and are not above labeling someone from an off-grid background as a hillbilly hayseed from the back woods. Kids often center out others just because they wear different clothes.

    Friends who live on a boat full time and cruise the world find this kind of off-grid home schooling to be advantageous because almost every month they sail to another city and sometimes another country. This kind of social diversity is beneficial but on land the extent of kid’s education is likely to be mostly about permaculture and animal husbandry.

    This is why I feel it might be beneficial to live near a small village or town. You can still be pretty much off-grid but close enough to have social interaction with an established community. Small communities are also more likely to have a self sufficient mindset because they live far from big cities,


    We are keeping our kids in the public school system for now, we use to home school but they wanted to attend regular school. Its going to be enough of a shock to our teen lol but the 7 year old boy is excited about it. We already have contacted the schools and know where we will enroll them. We will enroll them on feb 27 give them a couple of days to adjust after the long road trip before starting school.


    In other words you are not really that far out in the wilderness. You are close enough to a community to make the daily trip to school and back. Which is exactly what I mean. Some people are thinking of getting so remote it’s an all day trip just to reach anywhere. One of our friends sent their daughter to live with people they knew in town. She could maybe come home on week-ends.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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