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    Ks cutie

    I am not doing this for when the world ends or anything I just want to teach my children there are better ways .

    We have a electric well pump and a lagoon already so I thought the best place to start would be…what is the best off grid power source in south central Kansas?


    I like you desire to raise my kids to be self sufficient and show them a better, more stable way of life. It’s just bonus to be pre-prepared if the SHTF.

    I would think that in your location you’d be best served with a mix of both solar and wind power. If you have any streams running within reasonable distance from the location micro hydro isn’t a bad plan as long as the stream isn’t seasonaland runs at a decent level year round.

    Best place to start is most certainly in the home scaling back your electrical usage and such and reducing your dependancy on the power hog appliances common in most homes today. Here is a list of things I think you can look into to do that will help.

    Rapid washer plunger or a hand powered washing machine.

    Clothes line to dry clothes

    Solar Ovens

    Solar space heaters

    Batch solar hot water heater (tie one into the line leading to the current water heater and it’ll reduce energy consumption quite a bit.)

    wood fired heating source if solar space heaters are insufficient.(they will be during the night time, as a bonus get one you can cook on top of.)

    Study how to cool your home during the summer, solar attic fans, cycling around the house opening and closing curtains while following the sun, pulling cooler air from a crawl space, Always cooking outside in the summer, etc.

    LED lighting and increasing natural lighting in the northern rooms of your home, tube lights can completely reduce the need for using lights in a typically dark room of the home.

    Have everything plugged into surge protectors, and if you aren’t using it, click off the surge protector to keep the item from pulling current in standby mode. is a great resource for DIY solar type projects, a lot of those items you can build yourself really cheap work just fine, and some of them work excellent. You can on the cheap build these items and see how it works out for you.

    By practicing and exercising a lot of these ideas in our home, our electric bill dropped from over $200 average to around $90 averaage, our power consumption is much lower than typical, so with that said, we can build a much smaller and much less costly solar power system to run our home.

    If you already have a well on site, that’s a HUGE bonus for water access. You can keep it electric, convert it to solar with cistern storage for night hours, and even install a hand pump in case something happens to the solar. You can also setup a solar pump to pull water from the lagoon and into your garden as needed.

    The solar and wind equipment is going to be a costly investment if you go that route without practicing serious power consumption reductions, but can be well worth it for the independance factor.

    If you have any questions, just ask, and I will do my best to answer them.

    Nick Rosen

    Hi KS,

    Here is a link for a well pump that uses compressed air, no electric needed!

    Chris Miller

    Riverrat gave a ton of great ideas in this post.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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