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    Just a thought for the new year.
    As a child up to my teen years I remember pumping water for my grand parents, I remember going out to the out house (the left door) (right was off limits for men and boys).  Had to split wood every evening for the next days heat and cooking.  The long rows in the garden we had to hoe.  The trips down to the river to catch supper.
    The Funny thing is I never remember them complaining and fussing over what to watch on TV (since i was 14 when they got the first black and white one).  They didnt have full electricity till I was 10 (to far out in the country).  They never missed a meal, never remember them sick since they always had home remedies and such.   They lived a very simple life but very self sustaining.  They raised cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits and a few other animals so they had milk, meat.  The garden was 1/2 acre but feed the 14 kids they had and the grandkids.
    My grand parents insured everyone knew how to cook, clean, garden, hunt, fish and take care of the farm.  ALL knowledge passed on.  Why is it today generation has went away from this?
    Our lifestyle change back to the basic’s I was taught by my grand parents has been a such a stress relief that I dont think I could return to the present day rat race.  Our very basic home (12 x 40 with lofts) 880 sq ft of usable space, pot belly wood stove (for heat and cooking).  Yes we will have SOLAR and WIND power for electricity and water from a small well we are digging ourself.  Living off the land and raising our animals.  It want be exactly as they lived, but we are so much more relaxed.   We have been called crazy, stupid, out of touch but we really dont care.
    What do you think of this?  Is this something you strive for?  Just curious to know how many people out there have taken a look back and made this type of choice?
    Chime in.  Would love to see the feed back and comments.  God Bless and have a Merry CHRISTmas and a Relaxing New Year.


    i”d love it. starting to work toward it.  i also believe in living debt free, or at least as debt free as possible.


    Thats exactly what i am going for. I didn’t cover my old house with brand new siding which has saved me from tax increases. Everything i built was with old wood so that means they will see it as not valuable, but in all actuality its stronger. soon i will have a pasture area to graze animals which is more important to me than a bathroom. I can and have lived with a bathroom for over 2 yrs now. I have to chop firewood and split it by wedges and maul. I have to bring in enough for a few days so it can dry off by the stove to be used later. Yes I like the old ways and the cheap ways. see my site to see how i am doing this.   I also have to fill jugs with water for use in my house during freezing weather which we are having right now. It will be in low teens later this week. I do have a hand pump in the basement where I can pump ground water / spring water from a holding tank I dug and buried under the floor as well as drainage piping top it. Back in the old days before they had wood stove they used kettles in a fireplace. see mine here oh the peeping toms are tom cats :)

    Yes I am ready and doing this life and just need an ambitious partner to share what i am doing.

    PS: There are over 200 pictures at my site of what i am doing.


    NOTE: Thanks for bringing up this topic :)




    it sounds wonderful, i just wish it was in a more temerate climate for me. but the philosophy you have is just what i am aiming for. it’s a little harder for me to get the lifestyle you have achieved, but that is how i want to live.

    i went from a tent to a travel trailer to a class a motorhome in 5 months before, aiming to find a place to park the rv and start a place to live. rather, i learned how much i didn’t know about rv’s.

    this time, i will stick to a tent and my cartop carrier. but i do love the simple lifestyle. even though it’s physically harder, it helped my MS and my COPD

    learning a lot from these forums. thank you all

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