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    The Irishman

    I am in Jacksonville Florida and planning on buying property in Texas. The areas I have been looking at are extremely desolate (which is good for my main purpose – hunting) so some off grid ways of life will be required for building a small camp/farm. I see a lot of people on here reaching out for “landbuddies” and with the thoughts, dreams and ideas of going “off grid”. Most of you are dreamers who will never make or even attempt it. No shortage of those types online, regardless of the topic. The concept seems awesome, as does starting an entire community. However, lets be realistic. For my current situation (I am a single father to a 12 year old boy) I am only interested in building a camp to house me when we vacation there, for hunting or anything else. I own my own business here in Jacksonville and I’m in my 30’s so retirement is not in my immediate future, however when that day comes it WOULD be nice to have somewhere to stay which required very little income to maintain. So in addition to aquiring hunting land for my son and I (instead of paying to hunt on someone elses property), I would like to plan for the distant future of my retirement. The issue I see with most of these posts I read online is the people seem to be hippy types (nothing against hippys, I’ve followed Jerry during my mispent youthful years lol)with very little to NO hunting, farming or survival training or experience. I guess this is why people reach out to others for help, which is understandable. I would do the same if in need. Fortunately I have been around livestock, hunting, construction (and plenty other stuff) almost my entire life, so I would see this as an adventure yes, but easy, no. Am I looking to start a “compound” or “community” or “commune” as others have desired to do? Hell no, simply put. Would I like to meet up with some other people who are likeminded and exchange ideas, tell stories, make friends, etc? Hell yeah. I am in Jacksonville so anyone close by who sees this and wants to talk get ahold of me and who knows what the future brings. I would love to meet someone as passionate about this as I am and see where it leads….who knows? We might just end up being neighbors someday……


    Ok so this post is pretty old but I am a single mom of 2 boys in IL and I was considering applying for a job located in Jacksonville (mainly because this winter is killing me) so I searched for off the grid homes around there and landed on your post. Texas is on my list for retirement as well (even though I too am in my thirties). Anyway, you might consider me one of those “hippies” except I know I will achieve a self-sustaining lifestyle at some point in the coming years. Let me know if you want to chat. Serra

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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