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    Seems to be a bit quiet around here for a few days… there hasn’t been a whole lot going on for me lately, until about 2 weeks ago, we received a “gift”, a multipurpose gift, a footwarmer, a leftover cleaner, an alarm, and lots of fur to go around… a friend gave us a near grown puppy, fortunately this dog isn’t very big and isn’t going to be a big dog, we just don’t have the room (inside) for a dog any larger than this one. I named her Zoe, she is a westie mix, not sure what else is mixed with her, but when you look at her, you see the westie in her. I do need to get her to the vet and have her fixed, hopefully before she goes into heat, there are already male dogs nosing around the yard.

    I was really hoping to get a chihuahua (mine passed away last summer, old age), I miss having a lap dog, well our Zoe isn’t a lap dog, at least not now, maybe she will grow to enjoy snuggling… I do know that no one is going to sneak up on our home, she is so alert and lets us know when anyone or any critter comes around. Maybe next year I’ll get my lap dog, for now I have my hands full with this little ball of energy.

    What is everyone else doing this spring?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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