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    I saw many news about off grid living people have their homes and land taken away because “being off the grid is unacceptable”. Some people are left homeless because of that. Does anybody know about this?


    NO, I have never heard of this, although there is a recent article about environmentalists in Canada being put on surveillance for being a security threat to the status quo of selling dirty oil.  The only so-called off-gridders I have heard of being arrested are those illegally camping ,  illegally building or living without the required inspections.  This is not the Agenda 21 conspiracy theory stuff,  just rules often for public health.


    Sometimes the rules are excessive, like in the red zones here;


    Here is my response to your Jan12 hogwash;

    I’ve been legally off-grid since 1998.  All solar power, Earthship, hybrid, gardens, composting, one child, and green.  No one has hassled me.  I keep a neat yard, and pay my taxes.

    There are plenty of homeless hovels and illegal camps around the world.  Places that don’t care if you eat or drink your own pollution, or others’.  Plenty of conspiracy theory blogs.  Go there.


    Dustoffer, I don’t think Agenda 21 is a conspiracy, it exists, and while it may have good intentions, like most government run projects, it can get heavy handed in its implementation, it’s all a slippery slope. You may have a good situation where you live, but all it takes is a few people to come together and decide YOUR way of living isn’t conducive with their way of living and you will quickly find yourself in a battle just to maintain what you have LEGALLY done all along.

    There are cases where people have been living in a legal manner (legal where they are) and later for whatever reason (neighbor disputes, new people moving in and want to change things…) decide that those people need to either change how they have been living or force them to leave.

    I don’t mind anyone disagreeing with what someone posts here, but I would like to see civility maintained, please? We are all here to learn and share what we know, there is nothing wrong with anyone asking questions.



    This is the only thing I found out about the 21 year old idea that was not conspiracy garbage;

    “Maurice Strong, Secretary-general of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro said, “…

    Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class – involving high meat consumption and large amounts of frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and workplace air-conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable.”

    I had to cut out red meat and high fructose corn syrup because it gave me gout.  I grow lots of my own food because it is better and cheaper.  I produce all my non-emissions power to not only be independent and live cheaper from sweat equity, but to do my share to cut emissions  significantly and in time to prevent the completion of crossing tipping points in nature that will lead to a thermal maximum time period with extinctions of most life, including humans.   I had one child late in life to help prevent the now mathematically/psychologically impossible to stop the separate event of the mass die off from long term study of population science and ecology(i.e. food production decline from a variety of reasons and pure water decline).

    Sustainable development, an oxymoron, was mentioned with Agenda 21.  Development of sustainable practices was never done, significantly enough, and there is only 3 to a maximum of 11 years left to reduce emissions 90%, let alone replenish the 2/3 gone soil and groundwater, or stop the depletion of world fisheries, cleanup of 6 oceanic huge trash gyres, mercury laden land and water, even in pristine mountain lakes.

    Agenda 21 may have stemmed from the previous Rockefeller Commission report, which was after the Global 2000 report, which was after Nixon’s Commission on Population.  No one has ever had the guts to act on any of the recommendations in time.

    Most of what M. Strong said in Agenda 21 is true, but much is missing.  An off-grid independent reasonably well off middle class lifestyle that is 1/20th the average American eco-footprint is possible because we are doing it.

    There is no government run project that I have ever heard of promoting the things Koragg brought here on Jan 12 and Feb24.  Except, perhaps to those living illegally.    I did everything legally and according to all the rules with permits for well, septic, driveway, foundations, electrical, plumbing, framing, and final inspection with official certificate of Occupancy.  The coal power company would probably love it if the laws were changed to not allow alternative power systems, but it would be an anti-environmental fight they can not win, especially against grandfathered systems.    I don’t live in an area of natural gas like others who have had their homes ruined in Colorado, or a place in line of a proposed highway or any other government project.   There is no government project to force people to do what I have done, although it would have prevented bad things happening in the future if done when I did them.  The worst thing is the 200K year bottle neck of surface inhospitable conditions or worse.  Deep Ecology, what a terrible thing to know, along with the exponential math that went with it.

    I agree the US government is extremely over paid and extremely corrupt to the point of being tyrannical, IMHO.


    Read about this, a “bizarro world” agenda 21,

    In Conservatives’ Canada, It’s Not Easy Being Green


    Thanks for replies everyone!

    I agree with you Dustoffer, US is slowly becoming an tyrannical country, but its all a part of NWO.

    Governments don’t want people to fall out from the matrix in any way, so they are reduced to forcing people back on the grid.

    Its hard to find good places to live. US is definitely not a solution for me, Canada has vast forests and nature, but whatever applies for US, applies for Canada as well. No countries of EU are acceptable either, since they are just “fractions” of US.

    Those, “pockets of freedom” you mentioned Dustoffer, will soon become like the rest of the country.

    The only thing I am left to do, is to go off grid wherever I feel like, and if some problems arise, then I will fight against that tyranny in any way possible.


    Most of us have been tricked into thinking that we are under (corporate) government jurisdictions and that we must obey their corporation rules even if we aren’t part of their body corporate.  Municipalities have no authority to regulate private property that they don’t own, BUT they THINK and act as though they do. The Ontario Landowners As. (I’m a member) and others have done legal research to prove that this is the case. But going beyond that even if the Municipal Act DID (which it doesn’t) allow municipalities to regulate private property (including zoning and Agenda 21 stuff) they CANNOT regulate (including your land) a living flesh and blood man or woman (i.e. natural person) unless you work for them or contract with them!!! All governments are corporations and all their acts, statutes, by-laws, etc. do NOT apply to a living free man/woman  (which has inalienable rights) but they DO apply to “persons” and you might think , so -what – that’s the same thing but it’s not!!! The interpretation act for Canada defines person as a corporation – ONLY. a.k.a. the Strawman or Corporate Government Fiction. None of us are our strawman BUT when we answer for it we become it for the purposes of being under the jurisdiction of the government and then they can enforce what would otherwise be unconstitutional “laws” upon us. For more info check out the videos (for free on youtube) by Dean Clifford, Robert Menard, Marc Stevens for starters. This applies in Canada and USA + …


    The answer is yes… Anyone that dismisses it as conspiracy is making a mistake.

    Look into the desert off grid communities whom are being evicted from their own lands and having their property seized, houses destroyed. What do you think created this?

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