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    Please forgive my lack of knowledge on going off the grid. I am interested in doing the following:

    I would like to create a battery backup system for my home.

    My specific goals are to:

    1. Create a UPS / Battery backup system for my home that will supply one-two days of power in the event of a blackout.

    2. To use the battery system daily for all electrical needs (when energy is being sold at peak hours)

    3. To be able to pull energy from the grid on off-peak hours to re-charge the batteries.

    4. To be able to integrate alternative charging / energy sources for the batteries (solar, wind)

    5. To be able to monitor the amount of energy being drawn from the grid, created from alternative sources, and used by the house.

    Is this possible? Where would be a good place to start looking into this? I have purchased and am in the process of reading “Solar Electricity Basics” but from what I have read so far a system like I am describing doesn’t exist. From what I can tell the biggest challenge is the amount / size / capacity of batteries required, the space they will occupy, the cost, and the lifespan. I’m not sure if the battery cost would justify the electricity cost savings.

    Do you have any thoughts on my idea / could you point me in the right direction? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance to anyone who can provide some assistance.


    sure its possible! Just write me a blank check and I can show you how.

    SERIOUSLY Yes it is possible but at the moment it could be somewhat expensive. In your post I see no hint about energy conservation or lifestyle changes. Nor is there any mention of just how much energy you are using at the moment. Basically you are talking grid-tie and if Fenlon Falls refers to Ontario province you are in luck because Ontario Hydro is at present offering attractive feed-In tariffs. To do what you are proposing with solar is going to cost in the neighborhood of $50,000 although if you are willing to consider a hybrid solution other than sttraight solar it could be cheaper. What will determine how easily you accomplish this depends a great deal on how much you are willing to change your existing lifestyle to accomodate this or how deep your pocket is.

    Elsewhere on this forum there has been a post about a different kind of Nickel Iron battery. At face value this looks expensive but when you do the number crunching it isn’t quite as expensive as a first glance suggest.

    since you use Fenelon Falls as a user name are you near falling water and can you make use of some micro-hydro power generation part or full time?


    Not to disparage all solar resellers but so far I have not seen any of them post details on the safe installation methods. Most solar resellers prefer to recommend that you use a professional installer. No mention is made of the safe procedure of wiring up grid tie panels capable of producing open circuit voltages of 265 V yet some of them illustrate installations of wiring being done bare handed to connect these hi voltage panels in full sunlight. Hello!.


    Fenelon Falls my buddy in Ontario tells me people are now on a variable rate dependent on time of use. Sounds like this is what you are referring to.

    What you want is possible but so far not too many people ar3e willing to buy / build such a thing. Depending on how much you are willing to adapt to energy conservation measures it is possible, even on a budget. however if you have a ‘typical’ home it probably is not practical to have a 2-3 day power reserve on hand in the event of a power outage. To make it work your electrical power panel has to be re-arranged so only priority loads are powered during an outage. With a grid-tie system you can recharge your battery bank during off-peak times as well as supplementing the battery charge with solar during the day which is normally peak demand times.

    Given the cost of batteries it may not be afordable or realistic to have more than one day reserve. I know the experts recommend 3 days but that was a few yeas ago. At todays prices that isn’t realistic. even with expensive petro fuel a genverter is more affordable. If you really get involved and switch to alternative fuels the genverter system can power your whole place for a lot longer maybe even peremanently.


    Thanks for your replies Elnav. You have given me a lot to think about.

    Would it be possible to have a conversation over the phone?

    If so – please email me @ and I will call you.

    Thank you in advance – I’m looking forward to speaking with you.




    Lex I sent a reply email to you. Did you get it?


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