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    I just read a blog from Green Trust

    This follows right in line with my previous post on apartment dwellers going off grid.

    Back in the mid eighties I worked for an electronics manufacturing company. We had a problem that was eventually identified as ‘sick building syndrome’. The office staff all suffered from poor indoor air quality. I managed to convince the boss to let me spend a couple of hundred dollars to place hanging plants at every work station. I selected plant suited to low level indoor lighting or the ability to absorb ‘bad air’ Spider plants in particular will absorb lots of formaldehyde from insulation etc.

    After a couple of months the boss complimented me on the noticable improvement in peoples attitude and reduction of complaints about feeling ‘sick’ Everyone enjoyed the plants so much they added to the collection. Pretty soon every work station had two or three plants and even the technicians in the back shop asked to have some. The Flourescent light was sufficient to allow the plants to grow. The secretarial pool also commented on how much better they felt in the afternoon when they formerly had felt really low or tired.

    One caution if you have pets be sure to have only plants that are not toxic if the pets chew on the leaves. Or else place these plants so as to deny pet access. So indoor gardening can not only provide food but some plants will improve air quality in your home.


    Many years ago, I was a hairdresser in a salon, we were on the second floor of a department store so no windows, the only ventilation we received was what they pumped to us, we had spider plants all over the place, I also remember them being called airplane plants. They did grow just fine under the fluorescent lights of the salon, there was absolutely no natural light in there at all. These plants also multiplied like crazy, I think anyone who wanted one could take a baby plant home. I know it made for a healthier environment, especially since we were dealing with so many chemicals.



    Lately, I have found a lot of good books at our local swap shed. Books on building green houses and books on gardening both indoor and outdoor. We have also found some interesting cook books at garage sales. Some of these date back 50 years or more and contain handy hints you probably wont find in online websites. For instance We found a reference to using catnip as a home remedy when brewed as a tea. Apparently its good for rheumatism, and upset stomach among other ailments. Catnip can easily be grown in a pot in the window sill. We also found a medical text detailing similar advice. The bottom line being you can grow herbs at home that have beneficial medical effects. Naturally you are not likely to find a doctor prescribing such home remedies when he can prescribe expensive patent medication instead and which require you to make repeated visits to the doctor to ‘monitor’ your progress.

    Advocates of herbal cures and dietary solutions Will endorse such advice but many people are still not aware of how much they could do for themselves simply by growing plants and herbs at home. Six years ago a doctor told me that I would likely end up in a wheel chair due to gout and arthritis.

    Despite my recent stroke I am still doing better thanks to a careful diet and herbal supplement and no pat4ent medicines with side effects including a possible link to cancer that prompted with drawal from the market of one medication this doctor wanted to prescribe to me.

    Needless to say plants indoors is going to be a part of our home. Especially now since our new place has a large bay window.


    Toxic leaves… I once had this problem with my poor cat. I did not know about the fact that animals are allergically reaction or intolerant to some plants and so I simply ordered some plants but my cat was falling ill because she was biting on the leaves. It was such a beautiful plant but I had to put the ((SPAM LINK REMOVED-this will be the only warning)) plants for sale in order to guarantee that my cat or any future animal I am going to have won’t be biting on the leaves falling ill of its toxic influence on the animal.


    I think that I will get a Spider Plant. I notice Amanda did not say what kind of plant sickened her cat and put in the SPAM link with over $70 lemon trees for sale!!!!


    In my home I plotted Angel Ivy Ring Topiary..really this is great

    Use this fast-growing angel ivy topiary (also known as wire vine) as a lush, living frame for seasonal flowers and bulbs that you can plant at the base of the ring.

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