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    Hi my name is aarden, i have read these pages for quite a while but have just been motivated to join. Me, my girlfriend, and our 2 best friends just bought(papers signed Saturday) 14.77 acres of solid woodland in far SW Missouri even has a fresh water spring. We are all young i am the oldest at 25, we all have some skills to bring but still far from experts in any field. i currently live in town but will soon plop my tent out there to start clearing our home sites and driveway. we all dream of building small a-frame cabins with composting toilets and solar, and just being free. i enjoy studying genealogy i just found out my G-G-G-G-G-G-G-g Grandpa was George Burkhart from Harlan Kentucky,they say he lived inside a hollowed out tree with his first-wife and five kids, so off grid is in my blood. i am of course an avid camper, i can grow anything indoors cant wait to try outside ;). i really don’t do anything else but go to the occasional Schwag show or now byrdsfest. i cant wait to get to know all of you better.

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