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    You log in to
    you go to the forum and it says you aren’t logged in
    you log in again and go to the forum, it says you aren’t logged in…

    After you log in and go to the forum, if it says you aren’t logged in, simply refresh the page and it should show you as logged in, you might have to refresh the page a couple of time, or when moving from one forum to another, you might have to refresh it again.

    I am hoping this is a transient problem and will be solved soon.



    Yes I have had this problem also. It seemed to me there might be some lag in the system with single sign on.


    Is this due to the site powered by wordpress?



    i dont know why but i have tried what you suggested on general discussion an it did not work
    but it seems to work here


    I went back to WordPress and logged in “Again” and all is fine..


    i dont know why however i have performed precisely what you recommended on general conversation some sort of it would not work
    but it seems to work here


    Sometimes the forum is stubborn, sometimes I have to reload or refresh the page multiple times… keep trying on the page where you want to post messages.



    It might be worth getting on and posting a job for someone to fix this problem. See what kind of bids you get. Could possibly be fixed cheaply. Or they might tell you exactly whats needed to fix it. Seems like this might be some kind of single sign on issue.


    Just refresh your page browser show you are logged in.


    Well bugger im back to blocked out of general again.

    Wretha could you ask papakado to post some sort of anon email i like to get a hold of him about his

    being a primitive bowyer.

    pretty please




    There are some conversations I can participate in, and some I can’t all tough I could a view weeks ago… I tried what you wrote above it doesn’t seem to help. :-(

    Best regards, Suzan


    So I sign in…

    Click on ‘Forum’, still signed in…

    Click on ‘General discussions’. still signed in…

    Click on, for example, ‘Any offgridders in Portugal’, signed out!?!???!?!??!??!!!!??!?!?!???

    How come?  I sign in again

    I start with ‘Forum’ again and so on bla bla and than… signed out… again and again, now I can’t even reply my own post… :-(

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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