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    It certainly is possible to go into the mountains and setup shop buy im guessing eventually someone will notice and you will be moved on.

    imagine if in two years after getting a cabin ect up and you have to leave and you cannot take anything with you. Land can be aquired for around 1,000 an acre in cheaper locations ie Nevada or more expensive in a more desirable location ie california. My suggestion is for the three of you to rent a small place together and start saving as much as possible and sell most of the possessions you do not need. Then start planning your move.

    Look for land. Then water source.

    look at what you want to build to survive : tent, yurt, cabin, earthbag house, house ect,

    then look at what you want with that: smoke house, root celler, chicken coop ect

    then look at food you want.

    then what animals and learn how to grow/keep them.

    then look at ameneties such as heating, electricity, internet, tv and whatever luxuries you want. then figure how much this will all cost and work to making it happen.


    3 of my friends and i are attempting to try to live off grid. We are currently in Ga. We all have part time jobs and are leaving because we desire freedom, self reliance, and none of the stress that comes along with worrying about bills and how to pay in order to live. Is it possible to go into the mountains or forest and simply set up shop or do we HAVE to purchase land? I have everything else in line for getting prepared except where to go and if purchasing land is required. Thank you.


    If you want to live off the grid, but you don’t like the thought of living in a location far removed from the rest of society, then an off-the-grid community may be the place for you. Dancing Rabbit, in Missouri, is quite possibly the most well-known such community in the world. The approximately 40 residents of this small village have dedicated their lives to building and maintaining a community equipped with cutting edge, off-the-grid technology. Food is grown in organic gardens, electricity is generated by an array of solar panels and wind turbines, drinking and cleaning water comes from a rain-collection system and buildings are made of earthen materials.


    So remember wherever you go make sure they have water. I think in eastern kentucky they have forest where a person or group could go live off grid easier than say up north or out west. They have some national forest there where not a lot of people go to with lakes etc.. But do not go this time of yr. Go in like late feburary to get an early start and bring seeds to grow food and figre ot how to get natural fertilizers.Good luck


    Also, google Bert and Holly at Dwelling Portably, try to get a copy in print…these two have been successfully living off grid for over 20 years…I posted a few of their newsletters online a few years ago. They move regularly, and talk a lot about what it’s like to nomadically live off grid. In order to evade notice, you have to regularly move. You can’t just permanently set up shop..I do suggest buying land. We found land in VT, 80 acres, dirt cheap, with clean running water. Water is a big issue, you want to have it believe me. BIG IMPORTANT item in living off grid.

    Anyway, good luck on your search. Try to purchase a few acres, you’ll be glad you did.



    I would say you need land.. if not then you are a squatter? Or simply a homeless bum?

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