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    I’m looking a completely off grid community, I do not wish to live in a society dependant on money and material objects any more. I wish to live in a tight family community where we live completely off the land. I’d pack up sell all my possessions and move to where this community and offer my hard work and honest living.


    I would very much like to hear what you want.



    Assets you could offer a community

    Your life experience and expectations (what it is you think an off grid village would give you that you are missing right now)


    hehe chuckling to myself for the reason i did not reply to this

    thread earlier.


    Hey, I figured…”why not ask” right?? I might learn something.



    Hey nillagorilla can I have some of that stuff you’re smoking?

    You will never find such a place. Human nature will get in the way.


    You might want to live near a Mennonite or Amish community. You can just get a parcel of land where you can practice subsistence farming near any kind of community, work a couple of months out of the year to pay property tax and car/truck license assuming that this the most pressing expense you have. You can barter with just about anyone, especially with fresh eggs.


    The only trouble is, you end up running into the same thing Mr or Mrs “Gorilla” is trying to avoid.

    Instead of the latest BMW or Benz, it becomes the nicest cart and horse, who sews the best…which child can do _______ better than the other…how large of a pumpkin you can grow or who carves the best welcome sign…whatever.

    Human nature is the same even if you take away the grid.


    I think you will find plenty of “small town” communities where the social value you prefer are still alive. Even in a community of two you can find a ‘snake in the grass’ as it were.

    A community is what you make it. Despite the proliferation of religious communities professiong a belief in the non materialistic values you express a desire for, they too have their problems. Even living like a recluse is not a solution.

    Off-grid or On-grid by itself is not going to produce a solution. The problems originate in the mind so there is where you have to look for the answer. You could even find it downtown in the right city.


    Where does your heart tell you, that you should be?


    There is no place on earth where people are not connected in some form or fashion to other humans.. sorry folks thats life..

    Maybe back in the 60’s one might find that place in a isolated village of people still living like cave people in south america..

    however, even those lost tribes have been found

    but alas

    we can do good things and consume less and make real changes in the way we live..

    besides if we sell everything we own to go to such a place what do we do with the $ and how do we get there ?


    centralpafarm love the last line haha. from my research ie google there are several communities that charge for 4months to one year to live off grid with them and learn the basics maybe there would be a good start ?

    or else taos new mexico ?


    I would love to be a part of this show… I think I am exactly what your looking for… I even have the pictures to prove it! (which I think you would love to see!!!)

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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