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    Are there any forum members who remember books by BF Skinner and book titles lie Erewhon. This dates back to the sixties when people wer first thinking in terms of starting over at building new societies posibly even utopian communities.

    Throughout the ages there have been attempts to form communities based on some common concept. Sadly few have survived. Perhaps the most enduring examples that we can still see are the Amish and Mennonite communities. Even here we see signs of dissent and fractionalizattion leading to portions of the community splintereing off from the original core group. This is perhaps inevitable given human nature.

    Those who follow some form of religious belief system reccognize that mMankind has ‘free will’ and this leads to decisions making lifestyle choices that may or may not be conducive to longevity of that particular community or even whole societies.

    Non religious based societies have not been any more sucessful. So what is the solution? The hippie movement of the sixties showed that communities seldom last past the first generattion after formation.

    Has anyone seen a coherent analysis of why?

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