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    Hey Jaydentyler25, Im actually looking all over Michigan.  Currently got my eye on 11.57 acres in Scottsville which is between Ludington and Manistee. Partially wooded with Lincoln River frontage.  Property also has electric to it, which seems odd cause it sits off an unmaintaned road, but that would definetly be a bonus in the beginning.  Could allow me to start my build and live there with electric till I can get everything else in place.

    Another thing I like about this property is the river frontage.  I like to fish.  I would also be able to get water for the garden and animals, and possibly even be able to filter it and make it drinkable so as to not have to dig a well.  Though I dont think it would be very deep if I had to dig a well though. 

    Unfortunately it is still 5 months away till I can make my way to Michigan to check it out, and by that time it might be sold.  If I can get it for the right price I might just have to jump on it. Current asking price is $39.900, or $3448.57 an acre, that seems kind of high to me, but then again I am cheap!  LOL.  If it is still available in 5 months I am going to make the journey from SD to check it out and make an offer of around $25,000.  All they can do is say no and I will keep looking.  No big deal.


    One great thing about property with a good flowing creek or river running through it is the option for micro hydro power generation.  It’s hard to go wrong with that option because as long as the water is flowing and the system is built correctly, the power is being generated regardless of weather conditions.  Add to that the options for ram pumping (no power required) water for livestock and garden irrigation, and the perks of living next to moving water are many.  Plus the ability to harvest fish and such.  You can also ram pump water up into a cistern, then just pull water out of the cistern, filter it through a good sediment filter, then purify it by boiling and meet the rest of your needs, or run a pump from a cistern through a good pool type sand filter, then through a purifyer and have running water in the house with a decent pressure tank.

    Tons of options if you live by dependably moving water.  And 11.57 acres at $40,000 seems a little on the steep side, but if you can get him down to $30,000 I think it’s a great deal.  Seriously, that moving water option has MANY advantages.  Study up on ram pumps and you’ll quickly see that garden irrigation and livestock watering will be power free.  Add on microhydro power generation, and you’ll be sitting pretty on a plot of land like that.

    Looking on the map at the area around Scottville, It looks like much of the property around the river could be a little lowland for building and living on without extra expense, but I could be wrong, it’s hard to tell from sattelite photos.  Still likely a great deal.

    Search around for someone living in the area and see if you can contact them and get an idea of what the land is like, and how hard it would be to turn it into a small homestead.


    I agree that $0K for 11.57 acres is high, thats why I am going to offer a low amount and see what happens.  Like I said, all they can do is say no or not even respond.  If they say yes then bonus for me, if they say no then I keep looking.

    Thanks for mentioning microhydro power generation.  As soon as I read that I went to research it.  What a great, free, power source.  Definetly something I am putting on the list of things to learn/do.

    I also just got a good contact number for the Scottsville land and will be contacting the realtor.  Going to hit him with a list of questions.  The last realtor I was dealing with was a douche bag.  They had a google map of the land and just outside the property they had listed was a couple small ponds but the land was cleared around them.  I asked three times if those were the city sewage ponds or what, and each answer was “What ponds are you talking about?”  I told them the ones shown on the map and they would say there are no ponds shown on the map.  They avoided it over and over, so I decided I would never talk to them again.


Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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