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    Many places are not incorporated as towns etc. The property falls under regional or state jurisdiction. Typically this is classed as rural or mixed rural and residential. Codes and regulations are typically less restrictive than inside municipal boundaries. Any real estate agent can assist with finding out the legal status.


    I’m pretty sure in Arkansas you are either in the county or within city limits. Now even in the county you might be in a housing development sub division with restrictions or you may have been

    sold land with restrictions in a contract. In the county however the only issues are septic and usually only if under certain amount of acres such as under 10 acres. In the county the State will still have some say on things but they don’t usually enforce anything that is not a problem and is out of site and mind. I may be wrong, there may be some counties where codes are more stringent even in Arkansas. I have yet to hear of them however.


    This just goes to show how widely different jurisdictions can be. I don’t doubt that some states do have restrictive rules but in other area and countries it differs. Because I was specifically asking I learned that a community not so far from where I live has no code requirements. Another community has a few regulations but not many. However a couple of places do have strict rules because they are trying very hard to be a tourist attraction. Quebec city old town has very restrictive rules governing everything concerning including the color used on exterior of buildings. This is also a function of maintaining the historical nature of the old town. In other words you need to check out each and every locality. Quite often a road is the boundary. Different rules can apply on the other side. Posting generalized rules may be more confusing that helpful.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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