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    Hi folks, I have decided to try my hand creating a free online

    monthly newspaper just for us homesteaders, gardeners, and off-


    I need your help and I am asking (begging) for articles, stories,

    pics, jokes, classifieds, how-to’s and anything you can contribute

    to get the first monthly issue out by January 2009.

    You can see the rough outline here:

    This will be a completely free online newspaper and classifieds are

    also free if you have something to trade or sell.

    You can send your submissions to me at

    I will do my best to print every article that is in good taste and

    relevent to homesteading. There are sections on homestead animals,

    gardening, building, solar and wind power, current events,

    homesteader cooking, and lots more.

    Please help us get this going and if you are a group owner or have a

    link to your favorite homesteader groups please add them to the link

    page on the newspaper and lets help each other.

    Thank you all!

    P.S. I am looking to feature a new homestead on the cover of each

    monthly issue so send your pics and homesteader description for



    Nick Rosen

    Hi LaMar,

    If I might be so bold as to offer some advice on making the site easier to use…?

    It’s my dayjob you see… – I might not (yet) be able to instal rainwater collection systems or solar panels, but making websites make money? – now THAT I understand!

    Firstly would it be possible to make the body text 100% black and not centre aligned? – both are issues that make text harder to read – and there’s no point in going out of your way to make a site harder to read.

    Next I’d recommend not having your left hand navigation all in caps; online it is usually considered to be the equivalent of shotuing at people… Also when you click on a link and go to a specific subsection then the link still works: nothing confuses people more than a link that reloads the same page – they think they have gone to a new page you see and they then start to re-read what they have already read: once that happens to someone a couple of times they tend to leave the site and never return.

    Hope these ideas help: if you want me to give any more advice then just yell!


    Homesteader News November 2009 issue is now online!

    Whats new in this issue:

    Katherine Yarber- 72 Hour Emergency Kit

    Krystal Beers- Domestic Rabbit Meat & Herbal Remedies

    Shannon Rizzo- The 4th Growing Season

    Tanya Kelley- Cut your animal vaccination costs

    Steve Curtis- “wheres the meat ?”

    Maggie Mae- Preparing your homestead for winter

    Yvette Allen- how to make a cornucopia

    LaMar- picking a generator and drilling a water well

    PLUS- How to have a home with no house payments and no utility bills!

    Homesteader news is a free online newspaper written by homesteaders for homesteaders, off-gridders, and country folk!

    Please come by and pull up a chair!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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