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    Hi guys i live a simple live aboard and old bus i use solar etc and i believe strongly that the only way to heal the planet is for us all to go off grid and take control of our own power production via solar wind etc

    i posted the post below to my blog and forum and aslo to a few other sites and was shocked at some of the hatred aimed at me anyaway i just wanted to say hi and that it is so good to be among people that are already off grid

    peace and light

    the dafthermit:


    my post


    Switch The Mains Off the only way to make an immediate impact

    Self powered homes and buildings the way of the future

    so this week turn off the mains if not in the whole house then at least

    one room and with solar etc generate light and power the tv etc for free


    The major problem facing us all at the moment is out total reliance on power supplied by huge energy companies we have been lead down a deadly dead end by their complete greed and disrespect of mother earth and all her beauty.

    There is an abundance of power all around us from the sun to the wind ,the universe is pure energy.

    in fact all of us are energy all living souls create power .it is only when we open our eyes and minds will we be free from the abusers the huge oil/power companies……..

    For example A simple thing that came to me was the amount of energy created at say a school or a shopping arcade by that mass off people moving through it and how is the shop and school powered ,yes via the mains madness….complete madness

    Why not simply install flooring that as you walk on it generates electricity and sends it to a power bank batteries etc (this technology is already here ) and thus by the fact of all those people moving about they will in fact generate the power to light up the very building they are using another public building off the grid

    A public swimming bath could simple have small wave generators that send power to the power bank of the pool complex thus ,while everyone is enjoying the day they are in fact taking another building of the grid .so with added solar panels on their roofs and wind turbines not the huge great things we now see jumping up all over wrecking the countryside, but turbines that are blended into the building invisible generation

    swim ,shop and walk to save the world ?

    We all must come together and switch the mains of,tear down those ugly pylons and say no to the grid and the power companies

    We must all start to take control off ,and responsibility for our own power generation via solar wind and the multitude of new technology at our finger tips if we only look beyond those companies and there eternal race for ever more profit.they show us endless tv ads telling US that they are changing nonsense

    They still have the same mental block they think that the only way to supply energy is via some enormous grid with all the pylons endless cables and all the transport to keep the grid going .

    My belief is that in the future every house and public building will be self sustaining thus doing away with all that cabling

    imagine a world without those god awful pylons ,no more tankers travelling our oceans with millions of gallons of crude oil (ticking bombs) that have on many occasions gone off with huge consequences to the environment both animal and planet the true victims in those massive companies endless greed.

    No more oil and gas refinery’s

    And not to forget one off the main advantages to us all

    NO more bills aye imagine never having to work to get money to pay some company to supply you with over priced energy …..

    and what a gift to give our children a world cleaner and the countryside rid off all those eye sores our children will we free to explore more of this wonderful life free from the burden of bills

    so take control

    Turn your home into its very own power system buy solar, wind and above all be creative and we will leave behind a wonderful clean home called EARTH..

    another benefit NO MORE WARS OVER OIL.

    No country will ever be able to hold another country to ransom

    look around us at nature she is telling us all the way ahead ….

    as one electric company in my country says “the future is bright” and it will be even brighter without you greedy sods..

    we must start to think different and not rely on the state or worse some company

    love light and happiness

    The Dafthermit

    some useful links:

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    living off grid

    tips on how to it

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    someone elses’s journey off grid


    Where can I find out more about solar energy panels?

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