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    Hello, I joined up today after viewing some of the British YouTube videos provided by offgridnick [thanks Nick, much appreciated] (

    I would like to know if their is a current list of people in Britain that are currently living off-grid? If a list is not available, maybe we can start one in this thread. A simple “Hello, My name is (insert name), I’m located near (insert area)” would make a good point of contact for others already living off-gird, or for people thinking of living off-grid in the future.

    Would love to hear back from you all.

    All the best


    Okay, to get the list started:

    1. Hello, My name is Ben, I’m located near Buckinghamshire

    Currently not off-grid, but very fast working my way towards it. I work as a graphic designer/ web designer.


    Hi – Great to see this post – anyone want to give their details?


    hiya ben

    i live in the north east and currently live with the rents being only twenty two but am eventually want to live off grid and on a narrowboat that is self suficant as possible and am also into bushcraft and the outdoors

    anyways and have joined this forum to see how to effectively live green


    Nick Rosen

    Hiya – great idea – I’m Nick and I am off-grid in my van near London. But also you can go to and put in your details and mark your map reference.


    Yep, great idea. We’re a family of 3 returning to uk from abroad. Have bought a 30ft converted horsebox which we’ll be living in on land somewhere in Norfolk, solar and generator powered, maybe wind gen if the site is windy enough. doubtful in norfolk, unless right on the coast.

    We lived in a 35ft boat on the Broads before we came away, so if you need/want any advice, please get in touch. Not experts by a long way but…

    As always in the uk, finding the site/boatyard is the hardest part, don’t even bother approaching planning authorities. Read nick’s book, plenty of advice in there. (now, where to site the polytunnel?)

    regards, phil



    I am newbie.I am from United Kingdom.I am a business man.Nice to meet you people here.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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