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    This is a youtube dicussion i was having with this guy, so i thought i might post it and give you guys on here my idea that i must accomplish! Read on


    yeah keep thinking that because within 5 years we will have a massive economic crash, a world war, or get wiped out by Influenza type A.

    Gosh, arent we stupid.
    Nup. We need people power to join up and flock to the greatest ideal
    Obviously this is still happening throughout society, are we potentially narrowminded to different ways of life than the majority of us are willing to create, perhaps evolution
    Let us flow into the new ways of living, i will give you an example
    You are living in a community permaculture way of life, Forest gardens about for miles… Depending on your skill and desire for yeild the work load can be brought up or down, but overall this system is incredibly low maintenance as you create a self sustaining forest like you would see in any natural habitat full (i heard at the end of the process, a mature permaculture food forest becomes %90 food producting trees and 10 percent supportive types, ((i think i recall correctly, and that was from one source)) , the beginning being %90 supportive and %10 food producting) of herbs and foods of all diversity, as for the ammount of diversity, unsure,. Then Locate village near a perennial mountain stream of sufficient length, ability, and flow, where a long series of damms, a waterwheel generating and charging a hub of batteries to be manually replaced(? at each single dam, a waterwheel underneath, the spout gushing water over the top of it efficiently spinning the wheel and a permanent magnet alternator charging the batteries. This will provide you with free electricity perhaps for a large village number,hmm depends where you put the village.
    So you have a house of 5 say for example. This house has occasional work in a forest of food that you have created, free electricity, no rent, all that technology has to offer depending on where you put yourself, you grow things like tobbacco, tea etc.,, yyou get my idea
    So I figured out youre going to want to work for 1000 days (a little under 3 years) saving 200 dollers a week (142 weeks) working fulltime, an end result of 40000 dollers saved. According to a calculation done for me via a picture on the internet that supposedly calculated you need around an acre to support a family of four off the land on a vegetarian diet for a yearly anual. One acre of land can go for 50,000 dollers, split between 5 people, 2-3 acres you might get for 24000 each lets say, that is the land atleast, then you have roughly 20000 left, hmm, depending on what you buy, this might be enough or might not be enough to buy what else is needed before you are in full operation. So what do you think
    all that, in 3 years, you will work ass off in fulltime job :) haha, but at the end of 1000 days, you may just have all the ingredients to raise this seed of the yearning spirit within
    the more people, the cheaper it gets i do believe…,?consider the of buying in bulk,,
    Hey man, peace!

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