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    Hey all i am looking to get off grid myself and live someone in a warm climate , i have a little cash to get started , and willing to travel anyplace , for past year i have been on raw food diet, and growing my own food and i love it i would like to do it for the rest of my life and live peacefully and spiritual lifestyle that is so hard to do in today’s society.


    Hey Mike, welcome to the forum, it sounds like you have taken the first steps to becoming more self sufficient (aka off grid), keep working toward your goals and you can achieve them. :)



    Hey there, what kind of people were you looking for?


    Wow alex i am impressed. I just read about you gardening. Thats great. Many don’t want to do gardening especially the youth. It seems they all want fast food which is like so bad for you. I hear kids have arteries like 40 yr old people becase of bad diets. Congratulations alex.


    Haven’t eaten fast food in forever, tastes horrible to me.


    mike, you interested in FL for a winter off grid gardening adventure?

    u can see my profile info, email if interested

    ekepono @


    Hi Mike,

    I’m also interested in getting off the grid. I’ve been looking at yurts and tiny homes but love any kind of alternative housing. I also am raw well partly raw in the cold I just want soup, homemade of course. And I green juice daily what energy that gives me. My plan is to live as cheaply as possible and use my resources for backpacking around the world. That’s the plan. If you’d be interested in talking I’d love it.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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