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    Curry Barking Mad


    I have a pro user G 1900 Diesel Generator 1.9 kva. A Yanmar copy.

    For some unknown reason the power no longer gets to the outlet socket.

    I bought it second hand and it worked ok when I checked it over before buying it. I plugged in and operated a electric saw myself.

    I got it home and gave the outside of the engine a bit of a clean and now it doesn’t power to the socket.

    I have opened up the socket panel and there are no loose wires etc

    Any help would be appreciated.




    not familure with that model but here are a couple of general ideas

    start and let it run without anything plugged in some generators wont

    spin up to voltage with a load on.

    some generators need to be flashed after long storage

    i dont think that is the case here but you could try conecting a

    drill and with a pull cord wrapped around the chuck.

    give it a yank with the drill switch depressed and watch the

    cord doesnt catch your hand.this is supposed to give enough charge to

    the generator to start it charging.

    there are other ways to do it do a search on the internet for them

    other general problems i have had are brushes,circuit breakers, bad sockets,


    like i said im not familure with that model.

    best of luck


    I’d be looking for some sort of circuit breaker – it might not look tripped but

    ever use a meter?


    I don’t know this model but I have a Chinese made gasoline genny which has a small plastic pin near the power socket to reset the circuit breaker.


    on lower end/ copy type gen sets the power modual is usually the issue. just inside the cover for the gen there will be a small flat(about 3 1/2 in by 1 1/2 in ) electric control between the gen output and the outlet input.

    you can just disconect and see if power is coming off the leeds from the gen(if no power its your coil) if there is power the check continuity between the leeds on each side.

    what this unit does is the same as a charge controler. it keeps the power consitant to the outlet.

    the part if availible are about 150 bucks.

    good luck


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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