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    Nick Rosen

    Hi everyone!

    This is my first posting and I hope it is a good place to start my research!

    Next year I am doing a tour of a region in the UK with the highest concentration of off grid people.This tour will be special because it will be on my little Lepton Oxygen electric scooter.This journey will only go as far or last as long as I can find off grid people willing to give me a recharge so I can continue on my way.My range is 40-50kms on a charge.

    I want to make this journey only on renewable power sources.

    My intention is to meet the people so I can tell their stories, help establish networks, and gain publicity to lobby the Government of Wales and England (Scotland is a bit far away)to pay a fair price for power from micro generation facilities.As Rob Hopkins says in his great work The Transition Handbook

    “A number of relatively small changes in legislation,giving people more money for energy from micro generation than than they’d pay the grid,carbon rationing, and changes to planning (i.e.promoting local agriculture and co-housing) will accelerate things greatly”

    This seems in total accord with what Nick is all about so please send me any details of people I can contact to see if they want to be a charging point on my map.


    Mike the EVangelist

    EV=electric vehicle


    Hi come here for a recharge got free electric at carr house mallerstang

    and sign petiotion

    thanks adam


    Thanks Adam you are my first reply-won’t be the last!I will concentrate my efforts in the South West and Wales otherwise I will be too far between recharges.

    Hope you win the battle to live where you are!

    Mike the EVangelist

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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