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    Hi i hope someone can help us. we have a 3 bed semi-detached house and approx 5-6 years ago we hired a builder to make some renovations. The builder told us he would sort everything including the planning permission and rather naively it seems we agreed. the work consisted of removing the kitchen wall opening up the space into the existing single story “outhouse/storage” area. we also had this area extended to be level with the rear of the property increasing the space by approx 6 metre square. During the time the work was progressing we asked the builder about planning permission and was told that as we were extending into a existing building and the extended part was under 10 metre square we would not need to inform the planning department. we have sense been told by a friend that we should have had planning control. can any one help us with this?


    Phone your local planning office and ask if you need planning permission to do what you’ve done. You probably don’t.

    However, you will need building control – someone comes round whilst the work is being done to check it’s being done according to building regs.

    If you’re never going to move, it doesn’t really matter. But if you do sell, the buyers will probably want to see a certificate to prove the work’s been done properly.



    As the work was done over 4 years ago then you can apply for a cirt of legal use. Much easier than PP or retrospective PP.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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  1. vance a peck

    hey how did it go? im looking to try off grid living as well.

    • Saije

      Once the restrictions are let up from COVID-19. Im still planning on going off grid. Are you off grid or planning to go?

  2. vance peck

    hey how did it go? im looking to try off grid living as well.

  3. Branden1

    Hi! Branden 34 m in the VA area. I love your story, I’ve been on a similar spiritual journey as well for about 7 years. It’s very liberating to let go of attachment that no longer serve you. I’ve been planning and training to go off grid for years. I have gardening skills, can build from natural materials, military experience, art, and I’ve learned to balance all aspects of life. If you want to get in touch my contact info is

    • Saije

      Hey Branden I will email you, nice to meet you!! 😊

  4. O.

    Hi. Where are you from? Can you sent me an e-mail?

  5. Saije

    Wow that is pretty awesome! Do live on land or mixture of everything? Any pointers for me?

  6. Offgridwantabee

    I think your on the rite track but slow at it just like me won’t be able to get off grid til this fall love to chat if your interested

    • Saije

      Yes, that would be great will email you!!😊😊

  7. Seigr

    I’ve been living off grid going on 10 years now. It’s a peaceful , simple life , we’re would you like to be, and we’re are you from?

    • Saije

      Wow that is pretty awesome! I would like to go where ever the wind takes me lol, the destination is not an external place rather internal. I’m originally from Rochester, Ny but I now live in Atlanta, GA.

    • Marcos

      How did you get started living off grid. Was the transition harder than expected??? Im looking to go off grid myself and looking to purchase a 5 acre parcel im wyoming and if with no luck it will have to be here in Az. Please email me me as I am looking to make friends with like minded one like myself. Thank you

      • Saije

        Just want to Thank Marcos, We have been emailing back and forth. He has been giving me great information on land to buy in the US!

  8. Susana

    Hi. Where are you from? Can you send me an email?