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    You can use 12 volt car batteries but better would be 12 volt leisure batteries also called deep cycle ! This just means you can run them flat with out damaging them, car batteries won’t stand up to being ran flat so if your using them try and stop when there have empty of charge and then recharge them.

    As to charging them you can just use a car battery charger very cheap to buy and easy to use, if you have a few battery’s to charge at once get a few more chargers, the inverter just changes the 12volts to 240volts or what ever your local mains is it just clips on to the battery terminals

    So it’s easy these things come with instructions or email the manufacturer if there’s no instruction and they will be very helpful

    Hope that helps a little ?


    Hi all,

    I am completely new to all this technology – batteries, inverters and the like. I take my hat off to anyone who can successfully set this stuff up, because when I read about it, I’m confused after a couple of sentences!!

    I would really appreciate some advice without over complicated terminology (Imagine that I’m six years old).

    I am in Africa, with my doctor wife, and I am trying to set up 2 desktop computers to run from batteries. We are on the grid over here, but the electricity supply is weak during the day and strong at night. I will eventually get a solar solution when I can afford it.

    For now I want to know how to transfer electricity from our mains supply (The grid) to a set of batteries, so that I can power 2 desktop computers and 2 flat screen monitors during the times when the grid supply is either weak or completely out of use.

    I know I need batteries and an inverter, but I don’t know what type to go for or if I’ll need additional equipment like cables , gauges to measure current, etc.

    My computer equipment is standard in terms of power consumption, so setting this stuff up should be pretty easy for anyone who knows what they’re doing.

    Anyone up for the challenge? I sure hope so! I’m lost in the dark here with very little time to investigate this stuff properly.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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