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    How can you go off grid / self-sufficient if you always need healthcare and medicine?


    Hi Wendy

    I’m not sure what you are asking but just because you wish to disconnect from the electricity, gas and water services doesn’t mean you can’t visit the Doctors or go to the Chemists.



    There are endless medicines to be found in hedgerows and throughout the countryside, plus strengtheners like garlic. But if I was really sick, sure I would go to the doctor. Why else do I pay tax?


    if you mean that you wish to live removed from society ie not on electrol still have a right to medical treatment the easiest way is to go to your hospital a and e department.this applies if living in van and move around.


    While all those home remedies are fine,some just do not apply to an illness which requires a doctor. Plants and indian chants and positive chakra or whatnot sometimes just dont provide relief or cure for an illness. like the refined and purified drugs made in labs.

    I see this is a very old post….just recently I posted a healthcare question and yrs after this thread started I see we still have no solution or remedy.

    The right to medical treatment in most places consists of a ER and some pain/antibiotics to get you through the next few days until you can see a regular family doc. UNLESS you have the cash up front to pay for all the costs.

    medicaid medicare there is a process you must go through to get it, most cases involving why one doesnt have a job and when you are going to get one?

    I just dont see any option other than to maintain some job offered healthcare


    I can see where this could be a problem for some. My wife and I are both Vets and enrolled in the VA healthcare system. I have actually met a couple of other off grid vets over years while waiting at the VA.

    Short of keeping a job with benefits (harder and harder to come by) I guess you have to live as healthy a lifestyle as possible and have some money set aside. A major medical situation could derail you pretty fast.

    People who live in remote locations this could be an even more difficult challenge. Keep a good first aid kit and learn as much as you can in the event of an injury. People do it, so it can be done. I also think many of us run to the doctor too much anyway.


    I think living as healthy as possible is about 80 percent of it. But I guess a regular job is still in the cards.


    Exactly! Practice healthy living routines with all aspects, including common sence & safety, and “learn” all that you can about how to deal with most minor medical emergencies.

    Going “Off-Grid” doesn’t have anything to do with going without healthcare &/or medicines. “Off-Grid”, I.M.O., is providing the basic power requirements for myself, using alternative production methods, other than those we’ve been fooled into beleiving are the “best available” methods today which are commonly known as “the grid”.

    “Everybody” throughout most of recorded history, has seen more qualified practitioners for the more serious medical problems though. In our society today, we visit hospitals & doctors. 200 years ago it would have been an Shaman or an Alchemist, in your home or theirs. Thank goodness we’ve progressed somewhat!

    But not everyone “needs” healthcare. A lot of societies today do not even have healthcare. Here, we’re fortunate again to have access to it but, it’s another controvertible topic if we will for much longer.


    I received some interesting replies to the healthcare question in this thread and another. Ive done some research with the ideas I got on this forum..and Ive found some alternative ways to treat my own medical issues. I doubt seriously I will ever be able to go 100% off grid, But my dwelling/house/abode should easily be off grid. But here is what Ive learned…I reduce my monthly living costs about 70 percent, be less dependent…and yet still have the basic amenities I enjoy }IE{ tv,pc,refridgerator,stove. Anyhow back to the healthcare issue, with some knowledge and tons of research I myself am able to reduce dependency on the grid doctors.


    Having your cake and eating it too is possible. In my research with community design the power in a group of people is the key. Group Health Insurance is possible with an Incorporated group set on self sufficiency. The Betterfields Community is one such example.

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