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    Hello all, I am pleased to join your ranks. What I have to offer is 2 50’x145′ lots in a very small rural town. So think micro farm, not acreage. The lots are not adjoining, but are on the same street.

    The one is a corner lot with the still standing remnants of my former home, a large 2 bedroom built in 1930. Last March a fire gutted the back porch and attic. Water damage necessitated gutting the interior to prevent mold. There is abundant quality lumber and woodwork, including hardwood floors. Blow-in insulation preserved the ceiling joists, but the roof is collapsed in areas.

    Recent salvage work underneath in the crawl space has revealed many quality floor joists, but a certain number have termite damage and water damage, and there are areas of mold. This might not make a rebuild from the floor up feasible, that would be up to the buyer. But salvaged lumber from the framing would produce enough quality old growth lumber to build a sizable structure.

    Behind the house is a somewhat dilapidated but sturdy rustic garage. It could easily be renovated, needing mostly just re-shingled and some doors, or looted for the lumber.

    The other lot is across the street, and in the center of the block. It is mainly empty but for a large rustic wooden structure at the back. It’s a small 2 story structure that would make an ideal shack-a-lack. I always envisioned a sleeping loft/front room upstairs, with kitchen and bathroom below.

    Somewhat dilapidated but still repairable, it needs a roof job pretty bad. The upper floor would need replaced, and some minor repairs made to the framing. The outer walls are old vertical weathered boards. It’d be a simple matter to insulate and wall board the interior. There is no wiring or plumbing, but there is a water main to the property.

    If this piques the interest of anyone, feel free to holler at me. I’m thinking my bottom dollar would be $2,500 and the clock is ticking. There being no way to prevent the elements from entering the house due to the roof condition, I plan on taking it down and salvaging the lumber rather than seeing it eventually ruined. Should I put myself through that considerable trouble, it will be utilized to expand my new home, and we’ll be talking a land deal.

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