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    desert deb

    Do you have room for a reed bed treatment system before it goes to waterways? Plenty info on net. Also ypu could try a sand filtration system to treat it and reuse for garden. Can be an easy system and results are good it waters my garden with tub and bathroom sink a laundry water. It can be pumped directly into large trash can with gravity filtered and run back out by hose. mine works great. Havent had to fresh water the garden all season so far.

    Kate McCay

    Greywater system. Need new ideas

    We are entirely off-grid and I am not satisfied with our greywater system. Our cabin sets in the middle of 2 seasonal waterways and also sets on the top of a narrow, fairly steep piece of land inbetween these. There is no room to create a long ditch, gravel lined, greywater system and no room for any kind of pond systen. We do not use any chemicals at all and our water goes directly into one of these waterways. Any better suggestions?


    To Desert Deb, could you please post details of your grey-water retrieval system as it sounds ideal for me. I live in a rented house so expensive and permanent solutions aren’t suitable but I would have no problem in extending the outlet pipe for the washing machine/bath etc. into a container for filtering and re-using in the garden. A large metal or plastic trash can would be readily available and affordable, as well as not taking up too much room that can otherwise be used for planting. Hope to hear soon. Many many thanks.

    Karen, Ireland.

    desert deb

    Found on net. Large trash can, try to estimate the largest amount of grey water going in at one given time an use that to determine trash can size you will need. i used a 32 gallon plastice trash can with lid. Drill a hole at lower side edge large enough to imput hose, i used heavy black garden hose with metal end cut off. If drilled hole is a little smaller than hose it will seal against the edge of trash can and hold in place. Push hose into can approximately 4 to 6 inches. In bottom of trash can lay in two fair sized rock to each side of hose as it lays in the botton of can, then i laid a larger flatter stone over tue hose and both rocks. All around this scatter a layer of small stones. Hardware stores have them in landscaping dept. Then add sand on top of rocks. I used two bags. You will also need a diffusser. This is something that will keep the incoming water from burrowing a hole thru the middle of sand it will have to allow water tp pass thru. I used a piece of decorative kick plate from a door worked great, light metal an cut it to size. I washed stones and sand before installing. Put input hose at top of can or in lid. On output hose add drip hose laid in garden, i buried my hose in pipe in ground to prevent freezing in line. Where i live it can be a 2 crop season. Hope this helps, if not look on net.


    I have two articles on this topic that might help. One is the one on home sewage treatment and one is on water flocculation, sedimentation, filtration. I also have one on home water production that may interest you.

    As far as sand filters go you need between #17 and #50 sieved size sand. If you just go grab some sand it will be as if you are using sand that is already partially used up for filtering purposes. Now you can buy sieves at a site I list in the links MinerOX I think its called. So you can sieve your own sand to the correct particle size.

    As far as plants goes, I don’t know exactly what might be best. Bamboo might be nice. Its a little more useful than reeds.

    I also have info on making your own charcoal on the water filtration article as well as activated carbon.

    I have a friend on who is putting in such a filter for a hot tub. I think he has an image there he drew up of the design. Or at least he’s working no one.


    Do you folks know about Very useful.

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