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    got 5 acres in montello nevada off pilot road and aslo 5 acres in san luis colorado. but i will most likley build in nevada, its closer to my home now in tooele utah. anyway im bouncing back and forth about a straw bale home and a shipping container home. so i was thinking why not a large straw bale shipping container house. so i drew something up on sketchup. im gouing to use a composting toilet and a solar, wind combo for power and a wood stve for heat when needed. but after looking alot at other homes i might like to do a indoor small garden so this design will change.



    They are both great places – you could just buy a yurt and a trailer, and move it between the two – NEvada for burning man – Colorado in the winter – are either them good places to grow stuff?


    Congrats on the land. As a fellow new land owner and wanting to go off the grid, I know you have a lot of work in store. What are your future plans for all the land?


    i really think im going to use the nevada land, and build a contianer home with 5 40 ft containers. and strawbale the exterior and do a steel truss roof. so i should have it pyed off by march or so and then i can buy the containers around may. that will give me a good start, but concrete is going to be the one that gets me the most.


    what will you do with the other land? I might borrow it off you?

    Nick Rosen

    as for the hybrid container/strawbale idea, I would say go for it!! there are tons of ideas that people have and never try due to replies on forums. I say go for it and record it all however you can, keep in mind Passive Solar, Thermal Mass and Insulation. Metal heats up in the sun and there is little to no insulation in containers but they are insanely strong, my suggestion would be to engulf the containers into the strawbale and use it for structural support and interior space.



    Keep up the good work.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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