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    (I wrote a detailed and descriptive post, but it seems to have been eaten in cyber space somewhere. Please forgive me for the “to the point” post which follows….)

    Me: 30’ish female, no mechanical skills, very little carpentry skills, but the patience of a million saints (says significant other). I am very frugal and do the majority of our grocery shopping for about $30 a week using coupons and deals. I am planning on self teaching myself to can/preserve. I already know how to sew (moderately well). I am the “thinker” and “planner” of the relationship.

    Him: 40’ish male, skilled welder by trade (20 years experience). He can build almost anything, can fix almost anything, and an all around “handy man”. He builds trinkets/gears for the fun of it. He’s the “doer” of the relationship.

    Deal (?): 70 acres of land in Upstate NY. 5.5 acres of this land have been cleared and leveled and approved by the county for a residence. 64.5 acres of the land are heavily wooded. To the rear of the 5.5 acres of cleared land is a stream fed pond with adequate fish. (The stream is stocked with trout by DEC a few miles outside the property.) The good? It’s only 46,000 dollars – a friend of a friend situation. The bad (possibly)? It’s a whole lot of land, and the 65.5 acres of heavily wooded land is described by a surveyor and the DEC as a “fresh water wetland which is regulated by the US Army Corps of Engineers” and that the Wildlife Biologist/Surveyor “strongly suggests contracting them to determine what permits will be required”.

    Our whole point of wanting to get off the grid is to get as far away from the government peeping in our windows as possible. Having the US Army “regulating” our (potential) land seems like a VERY bad idea.

    Am I being paranoid, or do I have a right to be concerned? The current owner (she is selling due to major illness) says that it’s never been an issue, and keeps telling me what “great potential” this property has….

    Please help a newbie?

    Warmest Regards,

    A and C


    It sounds like a great deal! Just find out the well and septic system requirements. Usually the septic system will have to be at least 200′ (preferably more) from any running water or well head. Probably limits to fencing for wildlife movement, too. There would certainly be well over adequate dead wood for a wood stove, but most places do not count that (or solar) as a primary heat source and require gas or electric heat, even if you don’t use it!!!


    I will buy it if you don’t want to …


    Sounds great but why is it so cheap?


    I’ve spoken with the current owner on the phone as well as by email, and she let me know that “there are probably some building restrictions” and that “the US Army regulates the land”. When I asked her for more information on this, she told me to contact the US army. Of course, no one will talk to me about anything because I’m not the current land owner.

    Seems to me there are one too many “things” to deal with on this one. I will contact the owner and ask her for permission to pass along her info, to anyone who is interested (and seriously has the cash).


    Is this the US Army? Or the Army Corps of Engineers?

    Is this in a town, city, county? Or US federal land?

    Not quite following this.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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