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    My partner and I will from next year be spedning half the year living almost off grid near Amsterdam (we’ll have mains water, which I’m happy about) but solar and propane. We may decide this suits us perfectly – in a couple of years we have the option of making the tiny place we’ve chosen our year-round home – or that in time we want to go further into the countryside.

    My partner spent some time at the Sunseed appropriate technology project in Spain but the kinds of technologies that make sense in the Spanish desert are not well suited to the wet Netherlands. I would love to make contact with others in the Netherlands who have experience of what works well here. We’re already used to living without things like a refrigerator, washing machine, car, TV, or landline phone, but solar/12V power and propane are fairly new to me and it will be awhile before I have enough Dutch to get through the language barrier with some of our older neighbours, who will of course be our best resource. Also looking for good gardening advice.

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