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    I’ve been in the process of planning an off-grid lifestyle for the past year or so. It’s involved me giving up my previous wage-slave existence in the UK, selling my house and researching as much as I can. I’m looking to buy some cheap land in southern Spain this summer and hope to move out there this year, starting from scratch and basing my shelter around a mobile home, which I’ll be renovating.

    As I’m embarking on this on my own, I thought it might be good to try to network with like-minded individuals who may already be out there in or around Andalucia. Or who’d like to try it. I’m not necessarily talking about a joint venture. But I think it would be great to help each other out and compare notes etc. Two or more heads being better than one and all that.

    Anyone who is interested in cooperating at some level, or who can provide contacts, or information on buying land there or setting up in any way, please feel free to comment or contact me.

    All the best.


    Hi Frank,

    I notice from the Land Buddy thing that you are in Glasgow. Have a look at the Hartwood website:

    There are at least 15 families who plan to set up a sustainable off-grid community in Scotland in the next year. Please read our forum and get in touch!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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