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    Hello, I am new to the forum (nice to meet you:) and this is my first post and would like to say hello and thank you for all the great posts and info I’ve allready found here and amd really look forward to ordering the book… & also would like to share something I have recently learned about that maybe some people here may find interesting… It is about a village called Gaviotas, you can look it up on the internet and learn more about it and there is also a book called “Gaviotas, A Vilage To Reinvent The World.” It is truly amazing the story they tell, and the ideas they use that the whole world would find useful, such as even using the teeter-totter/see-saw ride in the childrens park to creat free power or pump water for the town, etc… there are amazing stories, examples, and inspiration…

    Here are some quotes from the back of the book:

    “in 1971 a group of Columbian visionaries and technicians decided to prove they could thrive in one of the most brutal environments imagineable; their country’s barren rainleached eastern savannas. Despite the constant threat of Columbia’s political turbulance, this is now the setting for one of the most hopeful environmental succes stories ever told”

    “For more than 3 decades the scientists, artisans, peasants, ex-street kids, amd Guahibo indians living in a village called Gaviotas have elevated phrases like sustainable development and appropriate technology from cliche to reality. Sixteen hours from the nearest major city, they invented wind turbines that convert mild tropical breezes into energy, solar collectors that work in the rain, soil-free systems to raise edible and medicinal crops, and ultra-effecient pumps to tap deep aquafers, pumps so easy to operate their hooked up to children’s see-saws. The United Nations named the village a model for the developing world. Others call it a utopia. But Gaviotas founder Paulo Lugari insists, ‘Utopia literally means no place. We call Gaviotas a topia because it is real.'”

    “Yet the heroes of this story are not only human beings and their technology. In the shelter of millions of carribean pines, which the Gaviotans planted as a renewable crop, an unexpected marvel has occurred: the regeneration of an ancient native rainforest.”

    “Gabriel Garcia Marquez has called Paulo Lugari ‘the inventor of the world.’ The story of Gaviotas, a village alchemizing peace and prosperity in a stricken land, will change the way you think about that world.”

    “Alan Weisman’s Gaviotas is the ongoing saga of what real, hands-on sustainability means, calluses and all, practiced in the most demanding social and environmental circumstances conceivable. The inspiring story demonstrates that the best design comes from the severest limits.”

    I couldn’t decide what to post first and then I remembered this, so hope it may be interesting or helpful to someone. Have a nice day:)

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