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    I’m new here. Would be interested to know what people here think of when you say “Free Yourself”. Been thinking about it recently. For me, it would be from reliance on energy, mega chain crap food, heavy dependence on community/services/technology, lack of DIY knowledge, deterioration of community, and separation from nature.



    Id say thats what Id define as “free yourself”. Minimal dependency on others. at least thats my motivation. This forum has a wealth of knowledge and ways to get things done. Poke around and find your niche.


    Being able to cease feeding the corporate monster for the most part and being as self-sufficient as possible is what I aim to achieve. I hear you on the food front; Bulking out bread with ground duck feathers is a step too far. I don’t want to consume that, that’s not even food in my books.


    Gee who suggested bulking out bread with feathers? < smile> If you simply don’t like the corporate world drop out and become invisible. Ther are books on doing that . Cut up your credit cards but have a trusted friend who can cash checks for you. For me its living where I like the scenery not where the developers build ticky tacky boxes to make obscene profits. We bulk out our home baked bread with multi grain or even berries. Moose meat makes excellent spaghetti sause or chili. To get good steaks you have to know more about butchering to get the cuts right. Road kill is not recommended unless its an injured animal you get to finish off yourself. If you leave the carcass for even an hour after it died before bleeding it out the taste of the meat is spoilt. Right now we are stuffing ourselves on moose meat and salmon.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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