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    Hello there

    I’m looking to form a community for sustainable, off grid living. I’m looking at land in Colorado at the current stage.

    I want to start small and build from there so starting on an acre of land seems reasonable.

    Im looking for people who can bring their own structures(tents, rvs, teepee, etc.) and also people that can help with the following:



    Growing food


    Renewable engery

    Alternative medicine

    Artists, musicians, and craftsman

    Healers, yoga, and meditation teachers

    Free lifestyle with a consensus government 

    If interested, please contact me at


    Hi Dlund, an acre of land isn’t much, in fact it’s very small when it comes to living as you wish to live, that’s only if it’s only you (and possibly your family), bring in more people and you will end up with a small housing development, and that’s not very sustainable. You will have no room to do anything.

    This land you are looking at, if you only buy 1 acre, is there the possibility now and in the future to buy more adjoining land? Have you checked to see if you can live as you wish there and have multiple families living there, things like codes, laws, restrictions and such…

    Not trying to rain on your off grid parade, just want to make sure you have your ducks lines up before you jump in too deep and invite others to join you.

    We have been discussing this very subject on this forum. Here are a couple of very good threads that you might want to read:

    There is also the question, why wait to gather a community? Why not just go for it yourself? If you wait for people to join you, then honestly you might not ever get your project started, then there is the problem of governing this community, you need rules, who decides these rules, you, a committee? Utopias do not exist (gasp!)… How do you enforce these rules? You will have people with differing ideas on how to do things, how things should be run, people who would live the off grid life will most likely be very strong and independent minded people, not always conducive to living in a community.

    Please ask any questions you have, there are a lot of experienced off gridders here who would be more than happy to give advise.



    I used this site and there was nothing listed in the 1 acre size for $10K or less in Colorado.

    I know there indeed is land available. Some places put a heavy burden on people building off grid structures. Some places have very little water. Many places do not have good planting land or climate. Hunting is by lottery draw, and somewhat expensive. Fishing is by license and also not cheap.

    There are some communities that are more amenable to alternative things, like Crestone. I would investigate there first. Good luck!

    desert deb

    Well said keymaster. I might add that the best place to find a place to start a group might be to join a group instead. Most groups will already have formed a concensus on how to run the group but might also be a large help in the land department. If an acre is enough for you chances are you can find that with an established group.


    Paul Wheaton has some worthwhile comments concerning community building on his website

    Among other issues he discusses what happens when two experts disagree on a solution. Both are technically right so how to resolve differences?

    Communities based on the old patriarchial system may founder in the first generation but communities based on democracy may also have problems depending on cultural backgrounds of the participating members. When you add the complications of financing the acquisition of land you will quickly need rules, regulations, and covenents. Sadly this is the genesisof the present system we seek to get away from.


    hey im all for it! im looking to do the same thing! i can bring solar panels and help with getting water! im looking in to getting a boat and starting there, water distilation and solar power. step one. building something like a floating community that stays near land. is the email adress. if we dont start some where it will never be done. i will shoot you an email.

    desert deb

    How odd i saw something on a site yesterday about a human powered bicycle that moved the boat. It showed a great pic of the cycle and the humans.


    Desert Deb and others. On the subject of human powered pedal power machinery please do yourself a favor and go look at

    There is considerable data in a good article. Why spend time re-inventing the wheel. (sorry for the pun) Instead look at what has already been developed then either copy it or improve on it. The article explains what works and what sometimes does not work and why. One innovation I saw was how to convert a regular bicycle wheel to a mass flywheel to store some energy. Lots of good ideas.

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