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    From my blog:

    One question I get asked a lot is where do you find cheap homesteader land so i thought I would show you how I have purchased land using Ebay.

    Here is a current feed of land on Ebay with No Reserve price which means it will sell for whatever the high bid is regardless of bid. You can get some great property at ridiculously low prices by watching the Ebay auctions for the last minute bid. Click on the links and check out the prices and listings:

    It is important that you read the listing carefully!

    Is the auction a true No Reserve or are you bidding on just the down payment ?

    Look through the listing for the land description. How many acres and what are the dimensions. What is the zoning. Is their a right of way. Does the land have utilities near by. Can you have a water well and septic system.

    Those are questions a good listing should include and don’t buy without that information.

    Next I write down the county name and google the county website. Go to the county building department website and most have a copy of building codes available. READ THEM!

    You can use google maps to find the exact location of the property from the GPS coordinates and visit all the community websites for that county to see what is available, the population, working conditions, recreation etc.

    Now go to the sellers feedback and read what other buyers have said. I never but from any seller with less than a 98% positive rating.

    If there is a buyer in the sellers feedback that has purchased land in the area you are looking at contact them through Ebay and ask if they have visited the land and what they thought.

    If the land is close enough I highly recommend you visit the area before you buy and spend some time on the land, talking to neighbors, visiting the town and recreation sites to get a feel for the land.

    WHEN you have done that you are ready to bid on a piece of land and as always you are expected to do your due diligence before purchasing.

    So have fun looking through the Ebay land listings and I hope you find your dream homestead!

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