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    I live in East London, in a third floor flat and am looking for a place to live and work off grid. In tthe meantime I would like to meet people with some or all of the mixed bag of skills necessary to make the transition. I would like to start a weekly or fortnightly group locally to share these, learn and work out these skills. Any suggestions from people who have done this or something similar, and is anybody interested? Areas of interest are 12v electrics, water, permaculture and wild food, and energy.


    Like the idea of picking up skills from people as well as books and the internet. Much quicker to learn from other peoples experience. How do I make contact?

    Also would like to pick up on the idea of making oneself off-grid ready. This makes total sense to me as we can’t all move to the country, and not just because of the planning regs.



    Good point. Like the idea of getting closer to the ideal of not being reliant on the grid, not sure why the powers that be cannot see that there is a need for making the energy systems less interdependant, I guess this is what your other post is about, why not have the best of both worlds?

    What areas are you interested in pursuing, I am very much interested in the garden shed approach to gaining experience and can offer workshop space in a building that has room to experiment in and on. I am thinking of a wednesday or thursday night.

    Contact me peasant(dot)urban(at sign)googlemail(dot)com


    Briefly we had our first meeting last thursday and have made a promising start. Initially we will be looking at energy generation and 12v electrics.

    Are there any other groups out there working along the same lines who would be willing to oil the wheels by sharing what they have already discovered?

    We will meet again this thursday. In East London.

    Email me at

    peasant(dot)urban(at sign)googlemail(dot)com for more details.


    Some projects for now and the future.

    Vertical axis wind turbine.

    Solar PV.

    Solar water heating.

    Woodburning Stove/oven charcoal maker.

    Rainwater Harvesting.

    Water Filtration system.

    Methane Digester.

    We would eventually like to cover the spectrum of low impact technologies, both ancient and modern.

    Our approach is a DIY, rough and ready approach where it doesn’t interfere with the all important notion of energy transformation, where losses must obviously be kept to a minimum.

    We currently meet Thursday evenings in Hackney wick and are welcoming new members.

    Contact me at peasant(dot)urban(at sign)googlemail(dot)com for more details.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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