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    One of the biggest expenses the average person has is a home.

    A traditional home is expensive and takes 30-years it pay it off, not to mention the fact that you pay 3-times the purchase price of the home at the end of the 30-years. No wonder, Mortgage means “Death Pledge”.

    The only way out of this one is to build your own home, even better to have a group of like minded people build each others homes out of a much cheaper building material like cob and straw, rammed earth brick or adobe. Even better, if the community was built with an architectural theme to attract tourism, you know…income. The next expense is perhaps land. I alone can not afford the land to support my family in any real sustainable way. Who will help with the farm and things when I get old? Perhaps that group of people who helped to build your home can keep the farm in production at a level to provide an income for all working & retired members.

    Another expense, our cars. Perhaps that group can incorporate into a LLC. and share the single expense of a small group of company cars. Sounds like write-offs to me.

    My next expense is food. You know the answer to this one. Remember that farm land the group purchased together? All kinds of food comes from farms you know, so much food that farmers even sell the extra for income. Think about it.

    What about utilities? And why are we paying for them? What’s the deal when we have a group of people that can purchase our own Community turnkey utility systems and only incur the expense of maintaining them ourselves! Imagine the savings from housing, Land, Food & Utilities. The possibilities of this group are perhaps endless! But…what about TOILET PAPER! you say? What about the things the group can’t make? The world comes to a screeching stop without toilet paper. Yes…some shared items will have to be purchased in bulk by the Corporation for the Community. Imagine that. What a concept. OK…now stop imagining because it`s becoming a reality with the Betterfields Community. If you like this idea, check us out at

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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