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    Im use a verizon phone with 3G network (capeability) it does work as a

    repeater but has very limited range about 50 to 100 yards.

    for example to write to you now my phone is plugged into my truck and acting

    as a wifi hotspot the phone and truck are parked further up the hill where

    reception is better

    i think from memory it can connect up to 5 devices

    most of the time where my new property is it only functions at 1 g

    (just what shows up on the screen) but it works and that is the main thing

    it does not have a directional antenna and has all sorts of charges for data

    usage but its working for me


    I am using the samsung lte thing. Verison also for internet. Ya I was thinking of something that would send a stronger signal further in a given direction. And receive from that direction. Yes this device is kindof what I was thinking about, but for regular cell network as well as 3g 4g. The problem being greater distance means more power. Yet cells phones reach towers 5 to 10 miles away or more. I dunno.


    I have a friend who is in a hollow and he can’t get any cell reception, or tv reception I think. He could get satalite internet but that is overly expensive in his case. I have wondered if maybe there is some kind of cell repeator device made that would beam the signal to a small area. Beam might be done with microwave like dish or directional antenna such as yagi beam. I don’t think there is a cheap answer here. But good grief with the tech we have, that shouldn’t be a technical problem. And I’d even be bold enough to say that it could be powered by solar and battery. Only problem would be the land on which it would have to go and keeping it from being stolen. I mean, something as small as a cell phone sends signals to a tower 5 to 10 miles away? good grief. Sure development cost are always huge and an issue, but this should be possible, cheap and small.

    You would think that a modern cell phone could act as such a device if dedicated for that purpose even if it were for hours or a few days. It would just have to have a port for the directional antenna and maybe a better receive transmit anntenna to go to and from a nearby tower. The right internal software that should come with it. Set it on repeator mode. Viola. Hook up a solar charger to it so that sometimes it would be working at least. Just ideas to think about.

    And yes cellular is not neccesarily cheap either, it was just something I was thinking about.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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