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    you are advertising a business service. Suggest you repost this in classified ads section.

    Oh yeah learn how to spell its Rome not roam.


    This is not spam and i am not advertising a business service, i am not selling anything but an idea and asking for advice, and because i typed this on my iphone it auto corrected rome** go figure.


    Hi all,

    We are new to this site and new to this area of interest.

    I want to start by saying this :

    We have a new style of off the grid community. By new style, I mean we do things differently. We believe in providing professional grade service and technology in off the grid service.

    We are not a real estate or developing firm. We are an Organization that prides itself on pride and tactical professionalism.

    We are looking to build a new kind of Off the grid community.

    Utilizing Wind and solar energy, Water collection and purification and green housing as well as live stock, Preserving food, and Survivalist skills to maintain off the land.

    But we also would like to implement a technological aspect to it.

    We would like to build out a Private Emergency Service Response Team that can deal with any disaster of any kind, ensure the evacuation of our residents to designated disaster fall out areas on our properties, Patrol and police our property privately and the citizens and members who choose to reside there.

    As well as maintain an emergency operations center, radiation and weather detection devices, and a Private Secure Radio and Data communications system and advanced property surveillance equipment to ensure the safety of life and property to our members in the event of any emergency or disaster that may come.

    We would like to develop a urban and rural property that can withstand various types of disasters, Natural or Man Made by building over and underground facilities and converting a commercial building into a off the grid, green and secure facility.

    Also we are seeking private funding to secure funds to offer professional standard training classes in various types of Survival, EMT, Fire Fighter and Tactical classes as well as numerous certification and training classes in Emergency Management, Emergency Operations, Disaster Response, Advanced Radio communications and numerous other programs as well.

    We believe we can operate unplugged from the main source of government, but living in a society that utilizes Technology, Liberty and a self governed land and society, But utilizing technology to help further our mission to remain before, threw and after a major incident.

    I know it sound like alot, and i am up for the challenge, and i know roam wasn’t built in a day.

    Funding takes time, Planning takes time, Building takes time. and most importantly, MONEY!

    I’m not here asking for money though, I am asking for help and development and interest in a program like this.

    I have the idea, but i can’t manage it by myself.

    Please check me out on facebook @

    Or email direct at

    I appreciate the time you have taken to read this and any help, advice, questions, comments or suggestions would be awesome.

    Thanks again


    “We believe we can operate unplugged from the main source of government”

    No you can’t. You have to follow county building codes, state regs, and any Federal regs that apply.


    Trinity EX your post sounds utopian just like much advertising. iphone auto correct???? Oh sure. What are you gonna do when you do get off grid and discover there is no phone or internet access. You wrote;”we do things differently. We believe in providing professional grade service and technology in off the grid service. We are not a real estate or developing firm. We are an Organization that prides itself on pride and tactical professionalism.”

    Sure sounds like a business pitch.

    You are addressing your comments to some people who have been away from the grid many years. I presently live in an area where it is estimated 20- 30% of homes are off-grid. The head librarian and her husband have been off-grid for 30 years. Some homesteads formed a century ago are still not on the grid.


    We have seen many appeals for volunteers who want to form a community to live off-grid. Unfortunately many of these appeals come across like starry eyed utopians. Back in the sixties B.F. Skinner wrote a book on the subject and countless trial communities since then have started. Sadly most failed, a few survived and often morphed in the process.

    I live in an area where such people still exist and have been for decades. I have become accustomed to asking if they have telephone and a computer. The mountains sometimes block the sky view for even satellite links and the hills pretty much precludes cell phone coverage except in larger village sites.

    The point being people get along and being off grid or on grid is not a big deal. We even have one community where there is no building codes whatsoever.

    You don’t need a ‘special group’ of like minded people just people who are willing to get along with each other and be tolerant of someone being different


    Well, I hope the utopian dream works out. I have all the training they are talking about and already have my off grid housing complex, fire mitigation done. However, I pay property taxes for police and road maintenance plus the school my son went to. My own property is protected by Mr. Taurus Judge.

    It is too bad few others in my county live the same way we have for 15 years.

    An independent remote community would be nice. The more inside gardens the better with climate fluctuation. In a location of fewer natural or man made disaster possibilities, and not in the path of toxic fallout from coal power plants or a city or military target hit by a nuclear bomb. Water, recycled and unpolluted by industrial chemicals, hormones, pharmaceuticals, or diseases/parasites. Stock animals protected from poaching or drought. Good luck, to such efforts, especially with trying to keep up books and CD/DVDs of the sum total of human knowledge for thousands of years. Preparing to survive AETM (Anthropocene Epoch Thermal Maximum) and its 200K year bottleneck will be the real challenge of the future, well after the coming population crash and collapse of civilization before mid century.


    Dustoffer have you got power consumption numbers for your inside gardens. My information is this cost plenty of power. Unless you have a high profit crop like BC Bud it is hard to finance.

    Locally at latitude 57 everybody has good crops (food) even outdoors.

    No financial reports on the good cash crops since too many are getting busted so everybody keeps mum.< smile>


    Sorry, elnav. I meant Earthship type greenhouses, which use no power, and are self heated in winter(also self cooled in summer), with backup woodstoves and/or gas heaters.


    Where does the self heating come from? Plants, animals, or solar collection?

    Are the backup wood stoves and gas heaters for when no sunshine. We have a problem being on the north side of a 6000 foot high mountain and January is often 30 days of cloud cover.

    How well does it insulate against -35 F for a week or so at a time.


    Yes, of course Earthships are solar heated with thermal mass and super insulation, needing backup heat only on cloudy days. We are at 8,880′ at 39* lat. and get 300+ days of sunshine a year, max summer up to 92*F and min winter -12*F.

    Living on the north face of a 6000 ft. mountain in BC, with 30 day periods of no sun and -35 winters, is just not a place people should live. Obviously people CAN live there, and off grid, but at a big cost in emissions, unless it is really windy and you use it for heat, too.


    People have been living here for thousands of years, and thriving. Nearly everybody here has a vegetable patch and many put enough away for the winter in their root cellar. Smoked fish is rapidly being replaced with canned fish.

    We happened to pick a house in a bad location too close to the mountain. Further away out of the shadow things are much improved.

    So we are looking for a better location. Winds seem stronger closer to the mountain as are the steeply falling streams you can put a water turbine on.

    Its all a trade off.

    Natives have congregated here long before the white man arrived.

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