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    northern person

    Does anyone have any experience with Crystal Cold refrigerators. Wondering about the quality as I have never seen one. These are propane models.

    desert deb

    My friend has a propane, different brand but works fantastic. She really likes it and has a freezer above.


    This is likely to be a perennial topic for off-grid. The available propane fridges seem to lack to ability to get really cold. At least meet the food safe criteria set by the health department. WhileI am not one to be a stickler for standards I have seen whathappens when food is not kept cold enough. Even a mild case of food poisoning can be a real misery.

    Presently the Danfoss electric compressors are considered the most energy efficient units in the world. You will not see that name on a fridge because they sell OEM to many companies producing consumer models under various brand names. The compressors run 24 – 35 watts. What makes the difference is how the cabinet insulation is done. Propane frodges are likely to become more and more expensive to run as energy costs are escalated.

    Furthermore most propane units sem to have greater difficulty in maintaining low temperaturres. This may be a limitation of the ammonia evaporation cycle design. However it would require an industrial design to achieve lower temps and that in turn is likely to cost way more.

    There are other more cost effective ways to achieve the same end result of keeping food safe.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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