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    You can contribute to the making of a great documentary series about the off-grid lifestyle – OFF THE GRID AND ON THE CLOUD (12x 8 minutes) – Just go to our Kickstarter project –

    OFF THE GRID AND ON THE CLOUD is about the way the lifestyle combines ancient wisdom with the very latest technologies. It shows that you can live a high-quality, comfortable life without the Utility companies and spending very little money.

    It is made by off-gridders and for off-gridders – with none of the patronizing, freak-show elements you see on Apocalypse Preppers or the many other similar shows.

    Over the next 30 days we are trying to raise a high budget to show the vast span of ways you can live off the grid – with simple practical advice for those considering it as an option.

    The series will also portray the people who live this way and their reasons for doing so.

    We hope you find time to tell your friends about the site –

    And please get in touch with ideas and suggestions for places to film – to

    You can download the promotional materials for the film to put on your own web site.

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